Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 9.42.26 AM is a great new place to go to meet singles online. The site immediately draws you in with an attractive and inviting design and layout that promises to find you, as the site name suggests, an intimate date. The homepage is filled with erotic images, testimonials and various descriptions of the site’s features, including its mobile app. IntimateDateFinder allows you to find out just about anything you would want to know about the site right on its homepage, be it search options or personal experiences from different members. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve seen, the sign up page is just one simple click away. The site can certainly boast of its easy nature and one user testimonial that runs across the top of the homepage reads “I did not want to believe it was true I could be hooking up as easily as I did. This site finally gave me the help I needed to score and score and score!”

The sign up page is equally simple. Just select your gender and who you’re looking for, type in your e-mail, a username and your age and you’re good to go. Just in case you needed that little extra push, the sign up page also lets you know how many people are currently online, both men and women. With such an attractive layout, layered with dozens of testimonials and sexy photos, not to mention the free sign up, it hardly comes as a surprise that IntimateDateFinder already boasts millions of members. This is definitely a great site to come to for anyone looking to hookup online.

Not only does this site seem good for experienced online daters, but also for those of you who are new to the world of adult online dating. If you’re a little hesitant or apprehensive about hooking up online, IntimateDateFinder could be a great site on which to try it out. While the site does feature some very sexy and erotic images, they are not quite as raunchy as those on certain other sites such as SocialSex. Even the name “IntimateDateFinder” is a little more subtly erotic and inviting to the online dating newcomer than, say FuckbookIntimateDateFinder doesn’t limit its potential audience. Its sexy enough to invite experienced online daters and subtle enough to draw in hesitant newcomers as well. There’s definitely a little something for everyone on this site, and with its free sign up, there’s no reason not to join and browse around a little bit. Of course, like most sites out there, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership to access all of the sites features. The site offers two paid membership options, Silver and Gold.

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  • Free basic memberships.
  • The boasts millions of members and continues to grow
  • Attractive layout, inviting to both experienced and newcomer online daters
  • Mobile app available for Smartphones
  • Site lets you know which members are currently online
  • Paid members have access to unlimited chat, instant messaging and webcam chat with other members, as well as the ability to conduct advanced searches
  • Paid members get a 100-day hookup guarantee: find someone to hook up with in 100 days or your next 100 days are free
  • Paid members also get access to member videos, free hardcore porn, chat rooms and discussion boards, as well as a featured listing on every search result.

The Good

IntimateDateFinder definitely seems to have a lot to offer. With millions of members having already signed up, the site is obviously doing something right. The site definitely seems to to a great job ob not excluding any particular demographic. They definitely don’t sugarcoat what they mean to do – which is to get you laid – but they also don’t bombard you with graphic images or the types of things that might drive away nervous, first-time adult daters. There are erotic images all over the site, but they aren’t overtly explicit. The site seems to be just the right amount of sexy to invite anyone looking to meet sexy singles online, both those with experience and those without. Since nobody’s excluded from the fun, IntimateDateFinder is already home to millions of sexy members. The testimonials on the site’s homepage come from both first-timers and veteran online daters, so you know there’s definitely something for everyone on IntimateDateFinder.

The Bad

As you can probably gather pretty easily, the site’s “free membership” is little bit too good to be true. You can’t really do much on the site without upgrading to one of paid membership options, either Silver or Gold. For apprehensive first-timers it may seem like a pretty significant commitment to sign up for a paid membership, but on IntimateDateFinder it definitely seems worth a little extra cost. Another slight drawback to the site is the lack of a transgendered option. You can only select man or woman, which seems slightly unfair. There is, however an option for couples looking for some swinging action. Other than that, this is definitely a fairly straightforward man and woman adult dating site.


As I mentioned, while basic membership is free IntimateDateFinder features two paid membership options. Silver membership is available for a $1.95 three day trial, a one month membership at $29.95 per month, or a three month membership at $19.98 per month. Gold membership meanwhile features the same three day trial option, a one month option of $34.95 per month, a three month membership for $23.32 per month, or finally a one year membership for $12.50 per month, which obviously gets you the most bang for your buck. The choice is yours.

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IntimateDateFinder is definitely one of the best new online dating sites I’ve seen. I was immediately drawn in by the stylish and simplistic design of the site. The fact that most of the sites features as well as several member testimonials are all laid out right on the homepage is a great touch, in my opinion. There’s no need to go searching through page after page to find out what the site’s all about, its all laid bare as soon as you arrive there. This, combined with the subtly erotic images that adorn the site make IntimateDateFinder a great place to meet singles online for both experienced and novice online daters. Check it out, and be sure to read some more of our dating site reviews.

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