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In a world where dozens of new adult dating sites pop up on the web everyday, AdultPersonalsAFF has managed to rise above the competition and make a name for itself as one of the best places to meet singles online. How has this site been able to strive in the ever-competitive realm of online dating? In their own words, its very simple: user success. The site describes its success within its introductory statement: “Adult Personals Aff has something that flavor-of-the-week and new dating sites don’t have, and that’s a strong history of great user success rates.” While other dating sites may come and go, AdultPersonalsAFF is obviously here to stay thanks to continuing success stories among its thousands of members. This site definitely isn’t just some flash in the pan, its the real deal and undoubtedly one of best adult dating sites out there today.

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The homepage of AdultPersonalsAFF features everything you need to know about the site before signing up. There are erotic images, site descriptions, member testimonials and sample profile pictures as well as a map to demonstrate how the site lets you browse members by area. The member photos and testimonials let you get a good feel for the site’s user experience. Some of the photos feature nudity, so you know that the members on this site are very open about what they’re looking for. There is also a description of the site’s mobile app, which is a great feature since it allows you to make potential hookup connections on the go. A lot of dating sites these days fail to realize how beneficial a mobile app can be, but “with AdultPersonalsAFF, you can update your profile, browse for other members, search for dates in your area and engage in instant chats with sexy local singles, all from the most discreet dating site online.”

Sites like AdultPersonalsAFF are well aware of the fact that the stigma that was once attached to online dating has completely disappeared, and they are capitalizing on this trend by offering members the chance to find exactly the type of online hookups they desire. This particular site has taken the time to put features in place that ensure you’ll find someone to have a great experience with. As a result, AdultPersonalsAFF is attracting new members everyday and as they put it: “From our returning members to our first timers, nearly every single person who registers for our site finds success and satisfaction instantly.” Basic membership to the site is entirely free, but you’ll need to upgrade to one of the two paid membership options to really get the full effect of AdultPersonalsAFF.
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  • 100% free to join.
  • Thousands of members already signed up.
  • Mobile app available.
  • “Who’s viewed me” page show you any members who has view your profile.
  • Several “Chat Rooms” for interacting with members through forums and message boards on any subject you desire.
  • Real time news feed updating you of all the activity on the site for other members.
  • Silver membership gets you the ability to view and contact all members as well as unlimited instant messaging and chat.
  • Gold membership grants you the same privileges as Silver membership as well as access to member webcams, a featured listing in every search result and access to the “Gold Room,” which features hardcore videos, dating advice and erotic stories.
  • Both memberships get you a 100 day guarantee: find someone to hookup with in 100 days or your next 100 days of membership are entirely free.
  • You can send “flirts” to members including clean options such as a kiss or a smile, or dirty options such a blowjob, facial or spanking.

The Good

AdultPersonalsAFF is one of the best adult dating sites we’ve checked out recently. With an established history of high user success rates, this is a great site for both experienced online daters and those looking to give it their first try. There are thousands of members on the site and they are certainly not shy about what they’re looking for. Because of this, its easy to find not just any old hookup, but exactly the type of online hookup you want. AdultPersonalsAFF is also full of great features that help ensure your experience on the site is comfortable, safe and fun. Make online connections in whatever way you feel is best for you with the site’s many chat options. The mobile app is also a great feature of the site. Nobody has time to sit on the computer all day, so being able to find hookups conveniently from your phone is definitely a nice addition to the site.

The Bad

Like any dating site, there are some slight drawbacks to AdultPersonalsAFF. As is nearly inevitable these days, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership on the site in order to gain access to all of its features. Basic membership is free, and gets you the ability to browse profiles, but that’s about all you’ll be able to do. Obviously it might get frustrating receiving messages but not being able to reply to them. Also, the site does contain a lot NSFW content, so just be careful where you are when you sign on!


As mentioned above, basic membership to AdultPersonalsAFF is free while there are several payment options for both Silver and Gold memberships. Silver membership is available for a 3-day trial for the price of $1.95, a one month membership for $29.95 and a 3 month membership for $19.98 per month. Gold membership meanwhile is available for a one month membership at $34.95, a 3 month membership for $23.32 per month, or a year long membership for $12.50 per month.



AdultPersonalsAFF is absolutely one of the best places to meet sexy singles in your area. With so many dating sites out there, its hard for a site to stand out and make a good name for itself. AdultPersonalsAFF has been able to do this with its strong history of member success rates and the great features it has to offer. It hardly comes as a surprise that new members are joining everyday, while experienced members continue to come back for more.

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