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Our Rating: 5 Review – On the #1 Certified Dating Sites

freehookups is the hottest internet hookup and casual sex site. I joined to find out why everyone is saying this is the #1 place to get laid online. You hear hype about all these dating sites but they end up being scams, so color me hesitant when I first heard about FreeHookups. I decided to go for it anyway, and I’m glad I did.



You heard right! The first “sex only” casual hookup site online. When you join, you are not prompted with pointless quizzes, because FreeHookups only focuses on the one thing you’re really interested in – SEX! All of the men and women (and everything in between!) are only here with one goal – TO HAVE LOTS OF SEX. Does this sound like your kind of thing? Unlike other sites, you won’t have members playing head games with you to try and trick you into a relationship, because no one on here wants one!

Do you love having sex all the time with random, sexy people? Me, too! Hence this super-positive review. I give a very fresh rating!

With free membership you are also able to invite members to your events – whether it’s a swingers’ party or you’re just looking to get a bunch of hot babes and studs to your pool party for some sex – coordinate your night exactly how you want. You can favorite members, rate them based on your date or based on how hot you think they are in their photos/in chat, and block members as well. These features come in handy, especially with the volume of people on here. I forgot I had already hooked up with one guy. Pays to keep track of that stuff if you get laid as often as I do! I’m attending an event I was invited to in a few nights and I’m excited to see how many, er… faces I recognize! This also seems like it would be a great feature if you’re in another city and looking to find something fun to do. You can get laid in any country, because has over 25 millions members!

Don’t have time to set up dates that eat up your weekend and go nowhere? I don’t either. Which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this GPS feature. This is probably its best feature. And unlike other hookup apps that shall remain nameless, you can actually connect with an even smaller distance – narrowing it down to which bar your potential hookup is at. Of course it’s all very PRIVATE AND DISCREET – and if you don’t want to reveal your location, you don’t have to!

I hate searching for people to hook up with on some sites. It’s usually either people who are much older or much younger than me. I like a range of 25-45 years old to pick from. There are lots of mid-range members, and it’s awesome! There are also a lot of young and older men and women, but I was pleased to see so many people closer to my age. I was also curious about what the women were like online because I was getting so many messages, I thought maybe there was a shortage. I was wrong! There are lot of really beautiful women in my city, and in other cities. In fact, a few bisexual and lesbians messaged me. I even have a “hookup lite” lined up with one, since she knows I’m only curious – no guarantees! That’s the great thing about FREEHOOKUPS.COM – anything goes! If you want to mess around, great! If you want to have sex, even better! Just as long as you don’t want to marry anyone, you’ll have a great time with the selection on here.



FREEHOOKUPS.COM IS TOTALLY FREE TO JOIN! Meet millions of sexy people with no cost to you – except the time you put into meeting up with them. FreeHookups boasts such a huge database, that I was curious to see if anyone from the small hometown I live in was on here, or if it was just a city sex site.

Compared to other dating and hookup sites, this is the best bargain by far. With no financial commitment, you’re free to come and go as you please, and free to walk away if you begin dating someone. Although, maybe they’ll be into threesomes and group sex – you might get lucky! There’s also incognito settings for those of you who are in relationships and would like to keep your extracurricular activities hidden. There seems to be a lot of that kind of fun going on, on MyFreeHookups!


The Good

What’s good? Lots. First, as mentioned above, it’s free to join! Secondly, with 25 MILLION SEXY SINGLE MEMBERS you are GUARANTEED to get laid.

Online dating and hooking up is basically the only option most people have now. There’s nothing more off-putting than a guy coming up to me at the bar with some cheesy line. When attempting to meet people online, you can be more genuine, and you can be a little more hesitant before committing to hooking up. Don’t get me wrong, I totally bang on the first date — but I like to do a little research before I pull the trigger. This is why the search function on is AMAZEBALLS! I like searching for things I enjoy in bed, then seeing who comes up. Sending someone a message isn’t that intimidating either. It’s pretty clear that everyone on freehookups is just here to get laid.

And, it’s cheaper to hookup online than a night out at the bar! Especially with free membership, why even bother with your local watering hole? You are GUARANTEED to get laid for FREE when you use! A night out on the town with no guarantee of sex usually runs anywhere from thirty to two hundred dollars. When you use the FREEHOOKUPS APP, you can still go out for a night on the town, but you can also set your GPS locator to find hot, available singles in your vicinity. Thus, a guaranteed lay! I was able to find a match as close as the restaurant over from me two nights ago. We were flirting and it was so hot thinking I might run into him on the way out. We have plans for next week, and I’m super excited to keep getting laid by new people!

Another good thing about is that I didn’t have to fill out endless and pointless quizzes. As long as you enter what you’re interested in into your profile – you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, without wasting your time answering questions about your favorite type of vegetable. Who really cares what someone’s favorite type of lunch is when you only plan on seeing them for a night cap. I know I don’t!


The Bad

I’m struggling to come up with something bad about Perhaps the only negative is all the naked photos. When I first joined, I was bombarded with all kinds of photos – some arousing and some kinda scary! But once I figured out how to use the search function and block certain members, it was golden. Of course I love a good dick pic now and then, so I did spend almost an entire evening just looking through those – you know me! But it’s definitely NSFW unless you use the mobile app, but even then, depending on where you work I’d be careful!



FREEHOOKUPS.COM is one of the most legit websites I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing for There are plenty of sexy fish in this horny sea, and as you can tell I will be back. In fact, as I write this review I’m also scrolling through hot new members that just joined! Another fancy function on FreeHookups is that you can create new alerts and settings to see when new members fitting your preferences join. How awesome is that? As always, you can trust the reviews on to bring you the best of the best, and the wettest of the wettest.

A few last words to help on your sex quest: Remember to put ALL of your sexual interests in your profile to maximize how many people match with you and your potential for getting laid. Always wear protection. This is just a general rule of thumb when sleeping with multiple people. And try out the video chat feature! See who you’re meeting up with first, talk to them a little bit. You might find the sexual tension builds to a fever pitch, or you might realize they’re not a good match for you. Either way, I guarantee you’ll have a great time on Free Hookups.

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