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Another one of the best new adult online dating sites we’ve recently discovered is Xpress-Hookups.com. The site’s slogan is “For all your adult dating,” which seems to imply that Xpress-Hookups has everything you might need in an online dating site. Accordingly, within the site’s description it states that “The exact people you want for adult dating are all on Xpress-Hookups.com. Here, you can browse through all of the thousands of singles on the site to find the exact person you have been searching for.” Xpress-Hookups seems to understand that most people don’t just want anyone to hook up with, but someone with whom they can have a really great experience. Whether your the intellectual type, or just looking for someone to have some no-strings-attached fun with, Xpress-Hookups guarantees you’ll find what your looking for on the site.

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The Xpress-Hookups design and layout are also very attractive and inviting. The homepage is adorned with a series of sexy member photos, as well as a number of testimonials. Its easy to tell from the testimonials that the site houses a vast array of members, from clean-cut types to tattooed punks. It’s also apparent that Xpress-Hookups is home to a healthy number of both gay and straight members. The site is definitely an inclusionary one, which seems to be why it boasts of having something for everyone available amidst its thousands of members. The site may indeed have a point when they urge you to “stop wasting your time searching through all the bars in your area and start having fun with the singles you can only find on Xpress-Hookups.com.”

The members on Xpress-Hookups certainly seem very open about what they’re looking for in a hook up. The site really seems to be a good place for people to come out of their shells and be completely honest about their interests and desires. Since everyone is being open, there’s obviously no judgement passed between members. The more open and honest you are, the more likely you are to find a great online hook up with someone that shares the same desires as you. The site also features a lot of great discussion boards on which members can chat publicly about whatever sexual topics they like. But in keeping with the site’s open and inclusionary style, there’s absolutely no pressure on you to move quickly in your search for online connections. You can meet people on your terms and at your own pace, if you prefer to just chat online for a while rather than meet in person, you can do that as long as you like. While initial sign up to Xpress-Hookups is free, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership to get all the benefits the site has to offer.

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  • 100% free to sign up.
  • Thousands of members already signed up.
  • You can upload up to five photos and one video on your profile page.
  • “Sex Stats” automatically let you know what members like and dislike and what they will expect in the bedroom.
  • “Notes” allows you to leave your self a reminder on a members profile page for whatever reason you may need.
  • “Similar Profiles” allows you to search through members with similar profile information without tedious searching.
  • Lots of great message boards and chat rooms available with a wide variety of topics.
  • You have the option to turn erotic images on or off, depending on your preference or whether you want the site to be NSFW.
  • Site activity is displayed through a real time pop-up notification which informs you when a member adds a new photo or requested your friendship.
  • Several different methods of communication between members, such as instant messaging and webcam.
  • Gold membership gets you a featured listing in every member search result.
  • The site has a “100 Day Get Laid Guarantee” for paid members which means if you don’t hook up within the first 100 days of using the site you get your next 100 days free of charge.


The Good

If you’re looking to meet sexy singles online, Xpress-Hookups is definitely a site worth checking out. There are literally thousands of great members and with its encouragement of openness, you’re more than bound to find someone to satisfy your specific wants and desires. If you’re a little bit nervous or apprehensive about online dating, this site is a great place for you to come out of your shell, open up and meet people on your own terms. As for experienced online daters, this is also definitely a site you should have a look at. Whether you’re a man or woman, gay or straight, single or swinging, you’re definitely going to find something to your liking on Xpress-Hookups.


The Bad

As has somewhat unfortunately become the norm or online dating sites these days, you will need to upgrade to one of Xpress-Hookups paid membership options in order to really gain access to the site’s benefits. There are two paid membership options on the site, Silver and Gold, and there really isn’t a whole lot you can do on the site until you’ve signed up for one of them. This is, however to be expected and not a huge drawback to the site. Other than that, there really isn’t much to complain about as far as this site is concerned.



As mentioned above, initial sign up to Xpress-Hookups is entirely free, while there are two paid membership options with several payment methods available. Silver membership is available for a 3 day trial at $1.95, a one month membership at $29.95, and a 3 month membership at $19.98/month. Gold membership is available for a 1 month membership at $34.95, a 3 month membership at $23.32 and the best deal of a one year membership at $12.50 per month.



Whether your a man, woman, experienced online dater or newcomer, Xpress-Hookups is definitely one of the best new adult dating sites on the web. With so many great and unique features and an feeling of complete openness to the site, it comes as little surprise that thousands of members have already signed up. Check out the site for yourself, and be sure to read some more of our online dating site reviews.


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