How To Create Good Online Dating Names


Having one of the good online dating names is imperative for being successful on online dating sites. Your profile name will be the first thing that other members see (along with your profile picture – which is equally important) and could be a deal breaker for some online daters.

You want it to portray who you are, without giving anyone the wrong idea. Good online dating names are strong and noticeable without being offensive or off-putting.

And while no one can guarantee any one thing will work for you exactly, there are definitely some tips and no-nos to choosing a great online dating name:


DO: Think About The Kind Of Person You Want To Meet While Online Dating


Online dating names not only describe who you are to those who are looking at them, but they also determine the kinds of people who will be likely to respond to your messages. Are you looking for casual, no strings attached sex? Then feel free to use one of the racier online dating names. You can make them suggestive, or include euphemisms, but still stay classy – no one wants to hook up with “12inchsausage” regardless of the truth in that statement.

Looking for something long-term? DO try to capture the attention of someone who might share your interests or lifestyle. DON’T use “xxx” or “69” or “sexy/naughty/dirty” anywhere in your online dating profile name. DON’T use things like “heartbreaker” “ladiesman” or “cassanova“. They portray the wrong image and will only attract women looking for a casual fling.

DON’T: Be The Generic Online Dating Guy!


The vast majority of people using online dating are trying so hard to be “normal” that they don’t realize they’re being total clichés. These are the people that list “candlelit dinners” and “long walks on the beach” in their interests.

“FunLady4521“?! “NiceGuy_7865“?! You could be ANYONE with those online dating names! No one wants a “nice guy” anyway. I mean, we do.. but if you need to announce it, you’re probably not actually a nice guy. Same rules apply for the words “honest” and “loyal”. If your online dating name is “HonestKarl” I’m going to assume you’re anything but. And while we’re at it, if you need to add more than three numbers to your online dating names in order for it to be available.. you need to choose another name.

Like sports? Great. But let’s skip past “SportsLover58” and use a more specific online dating names. How about “CheeseheadJoe“? It might sound silly to someone else, but guess who you’ll attract? All those Green Bay Packers fans out there! Football not your thing? Be specific and creative! Choose something that would catch the eyes of other fans.

And DON’T use words like “boring”, “regular”, “ordinary”, or “average” to describe yourself.. for obvious reasons.

DO: Be Yourself (But DON’T Show The Crazy Part)


Make a list of things that are important to you, or that “make you who you are”. Ask people who know you what things stand out about you. Try to work those in. Be creative – think as if you were making a vanity licence plate.

DON’T be afraid to use your name either! But DON’T use your full name (for obvious safety reasons)!! Do you have a band or a club or team of some sort? Use it – “CraigOfTheCrashLandings” or “CrashLandingsCraig“! It’s intriguing and will get someone on your profile. And then you can explain what it means on your online dating profile.

And maybe you love cats.. like, really.. really love cats.. a lot. But your online dating profile name is not the time to express that love. DO express your interests, but do it subtly. This is not the place to admit to obsessions. Also, DON’T refer to yourself as a “diva”, “princess”, “bitch”, “player” etc.

DON’T: Use Offensive Or Off-putting Words


Offensive and Off-Putting online dating names won’t get you what you want. You may think you’re being clever or edgy, but you’re just pushing away potential matches. DON’T use vulgar language and/or swearing. Not only will it deter many members from going on your profile, but it may also get your account deleted (depending on the online dating site).

Make sure to read our other online dating advice and put it to use on the best dating sites in order to be the most successful!

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