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I have the pleasure of being a single woman again at the same time as there are some fun, new(ish) dating sites up and serving my area so I figured I’d have a bit of reviewing fun. First up: EasySex.com, an adult dating site dedicated to the easy sex hookup. Why not? They say the quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone new, and I’m definitely in the mood for a rebound. Good news: Easy Sex got me just that. I mean, really, what would you expect from a site called EasySex.com? If this site doesn’t get me easy sex, I’m going to be disappointed. I’d heard some internet murmurs of people claiming there’s a Easy Sex scam, based on some pretty weak reasoning, and after using the site for a couple weeks I can say with certainty those rumours are bunk. This site’s legit and fortunately, there was no disappointment here. Easy Sex does what it should and it does it pretty well. I’ve found this to be a general rule of thumb; if your site name leaves little room for misinterpretation in terms of your end game, you tend to recruit a membership that’s on the same page. Everyone is in it to win it!



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  • Join and sign up for free (and if you’re a gal like me, you get access to all levels of membership TOTALLY FREE — sorry boys).
  • Profiles can be personalized to a decent extent — you can add as much or as little info as you like, pretty much whatever content you like, and upload photos and videos, AND Easy Sex doesn’t censor your sexiness (that can be both good or bad depending on the person).
  • Send (and reply to) private mail and instant messaging.
  • Browse or search members based on multiple, specific/general search parameters (like ethnicity and haircolor or kinks and type of hookup they’re interested in, etc.).
  • Homepage gets you quick access to view new members, local matches, hottest members, and members currently on webcam, who viewed your profile, and your list of fave members.
  • Easy Sex Message Boards let you engage with other members on particular topics, naughty dating, or otherwise.
  • Live Chat Rooms and Webcam Chat gets pretty sexy. It can get pretty explicit, and that’s of course the fun of it.
  • You can also get access to adult videos if you aren’t satisfied with what your fellow members are giving away for free…



Here’s where the Easy Sex scam rumour mill seems to latch on, the pricing, saying things like ‘Easy Sex takes your credit card to scam you,’ which is pretty ridiculous. EasySex.com is free to sign up, but it also offers tiered services, so if you want to have full access to the site and all its features, you’ll have to pay the fee. And, of course, it’s good to be cautious when giving out your credit card information, but also be reasonable about it. You don’t have to give up your credit card info with sign up (this should be a red flag) — your credit info is only requested when you attempt to access paid membership features. Makes sense, no? So in fact you don’t have to pay anything, but then it becomes more of a get what you pay for situation. We’ve been through this before — free dating sites are full of scams, annoying advertising, and very limited features — so you might want to get used to the idea of paying a bit for a quality service.


So how much?! Easy Sex, as I said, offers tiered services. You get minimal features for your free membership at sign up. If you want more access (and you will), you can sign up for a Basic Membership, which will cost you something. To get full access to EasySex.com, you’ll want to purchase a Pro Membership, which costs a bit more than Basic. Cleverly, they also offer you discounts for extended service signup; i.e., if you sign up for a full year for any membership you pay WAY LESS per month than you would if you opt for month-to-month membership. So MAX you’ll be spending $34.95 per month for Pro Membership if you do it the less economical way. Best rate is $12.95 per month for a year of Pro Membership. Basic Membership is around $4/5 cheaper at each rate, but not really worth the savings.


Some other people trying to sell us against the idea that Easy Sex is legit have taken the free signup to mean that the whole site and all its services should also be free, and since this is very reasonably not the case, feel taken. Sorry dudes, you’ll have to grow a pair up top for that to ever be the case… Only ladies date free. Yes. Ladies, we get free full membership. SCORE! (Wink.)


The Good

Easy Sex

Frankly, it was really easy to hook up with this site. I’d consider that good. I mean, it’s generally not hard for decently attractive women to get sex when they want it, I know, but there’s a difference between getting the sex you can versus getting the sex you want. You know? The members are generally pretty fun kinds of people, I mean, you get a whole range of people on any adult dating or hookup site, but the general Easy Sex audience seems to be attractive, sexy people looking for sex with no strings attached. Just what you want from your hookup site, right?


I really like the options I got for local hookups and the general standard of sexiness is higher than most dating sites I’ve tried. There just isn’t that same kind of pervy juvenile feel that you sometimes get from members messaging you looking for a hookup. EasySex is, as much as it could be, a fairly classy hookup site.


Superficial positive points to EasySex.com for a generally appealing design and site layout. It was easy to find all the features and nice to look at. I also really liked not having to pay for anything because of my lady bits. That point might fall under “The Bad” for some of you male readers, but this discount actually works in your favour. The discrepancy seems to help with keeping a good balance of genders (but also, woo for lesbians looking for fun, eh?!).


The Bad

Like any totally legit dating site, you get some less than genuine “members” on this site, which tends to freak people out. It even has some silly people claiming that Easy Sex is a scam because some members have used celeb photos and are clearly fake. Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but there isn’t a dating site around that doesn’t have this problem to some degree, so I sort of hesitate to call this one “bad”… I came across maybe one or two of these profiles, unfortunately, but it wasn’t a huge deal. Fake profiles are pretty obvious to spot, so you’re not likely to get fooled unless you’re so desperate you aren’t paying the least bit attention. Also, when you spot a fake, all you have to do is report it, and EasySex is pretty good at taking down these profiles. Not a huge deal, right?

Another downside for the men is probably that membership isn’t free, but fortunately is fairly cheap. That wasn’t really an issue for me though.


The only other downside I can think of is that there’s not really a safe for work browsing option — but really, if you don’t have privacy, you don’t need to be browsing your sex hookup site. Easy Sex was not made to be a SFW site, and that’s why you’ll love it.



All in all, I would say EasySex.com is a winner. The scam talk is nonsense of course, so don’t worry about that. You get exactly what you want with this site, and it’s always refreshing to come across a sex dating site that doesn’t try and pretend to be something it’s not or tone down the fun for some prudish audience. Definitely give it a try. At least you can sign up for free and check the site out first before you take the plunge, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be grabbing that Pro Membership fairly soon after. It’s easy. It’s sexy. What more could you want?

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