hookup.com mainSo it’s that time again! Time to talk about all the trouble I got up to while using Hookup.com, and let me tell you, there is certainly no shortage of things to discuss!

The existence of Hookup.com was brought to my attention by a girlfriend of mine who just could not shut up about it! She kept going on and on and on about how it’s the top hookup site now, and about all the sexy guys she was meeting online, and I have to admit, I was a little bit jealous of all her escapades!

One lonely night a couple of months ago, after striking out at the bar, I came home and thought about all the positive things my friend had said, and decided that it was time to give Hookup.com a test drive.

Upon initial impression, I was a little taken aback by the site. I almost had to double check to make sure I had gone to the right place. It’s laid out in a manner that is definitely attractive to guys looking for action (there are literally boobs everywhere!), but it didn’t seem very inviting for someone like me. There wasn’t a single picture of a dude in sight. However, I trust my girl, so I persevered past the pictures of the pretty ladies, and continued on to the sign up pages.


Yep. Pages. First it asks whether you’re a man or a woman. New page. Then it asks who you’re looking for. I, of course, opted for the “seeking men” option, but there was also an option to identify that you’re seeking women. I was surprised that there was not an option for couples, either in the area where I identified myself or where I chose who I was looking for. I’m not really into threesomes anyway, so it didn’t matter, more it was just something I noticed, having been a member of a few different adult dating sites in my time.

hookup.com ladies

Once you put in your email address and location and go through the standard confirmation email link clicking, you’re able to enter the site, and it’s like it was transformed just for me! Suddenly there weren’t boobs everywhere anymore, and I was instead looking at featured profiles of hot hunks, right in my city! I was seriously astounded at how many sexy single guys were looking to get it on in my town! I don’t live in the boonies or anything, but I certainly don’t live anywhere like New York City, so I was expecting my pickings to be a bit on the slim side. Needless to say, it was a very pleasant surprise!

Remember all the lessons you learned as children, ladies, and don’t judge based on covers! Had I made a snap judgement based on the Hookup homepage, I would have missed out on the best hookup of my life! And that would just be a damn shame! Test driving Hookup.com was a great decision for me, my sex life and my confidence! The options it provided, even at the free level, were unbelievable!




I really liked that right off the bat you’re asked to put in all your personal preferences in a partner. The site features more options for preferences than I’ve seen on most other dating sites, toting options for everything from eye and hair colour, to education, interests, type of relationship you’re seeking (although the site is heavily geared toward casual hookups), and even has a space to search by sports team! For all the singles who wouldn’t ever dare to sleep with a fan of the opposing team, Hookup.com has got you covered there, too!

Hookup.com contains everything you probably already know and love about other dating sites: instant messaging, email messaging, gallery hosting and chat rooms, but it goes above and beyond with its interface! Laid out in a very social media-esque way, it allows you to quickly, easily and intuitively navigate between all the profiles of all the hot singles you’re going to be checking out at once. Believe me, ease of use is a BIG factor when you want to view as many profiles as possible in as little time as you can.

If you’re someone who enjoys video play, Hookup.com has live member cams for you to watch AND participate! Check out themed chat rooms to meet some interesting singles you might not otherwise come across! Hookup.com really does have something for everyone!




Hookup.com’s totally free membership is actually a lot more feature heavy than a lot of paid sites I’ve used. So, if you do nothing else, sign up for free today! I promise you will NOT regret it! The free membership doesn’t even require a credit card, so the only work involved on your end is thinking up a catchy username (not as easy as it sounds, as I found out!) that isn’t already taken!

If you want the best hookup deal, and really, who doesn’t, then you’ve got to get in on the VIP membership. There are two levels, Silver and Gold. In order to get yourself a fancy VIP membership, you have to drop a credit card number and pay a monthly subscription fee. But fear not! Hookup.com isn’t a scam, so they’ll never bill you for things to which you have not subscribed! It’s totally legit, and the only charges you’ll see on your CC bill are ones for the service to which you signed up. They also offer discreet billing, which is awesome! You’ll never see Hookup.com or XXX Services on your bill, so neither will anyone else.

As you would expect, the Silver membership unlocks more features than the free membership at a nominal cost, and the Gold membership unlocks all of the features of the entire site, for a little bit more money. Silver membership will run you around $20/month, and Gold will cost you about $23/month for the same time period. Personally, I think there’s more than $3 worth of extra services contained within the Gold membership, so doing anything less seems a bit silly. It’s 3 measly dollars a month. When you’re hooking up every night of the week because you were able to utilize the site to its full potential I guarantee you’re not going to think twice about that $3.




I obviously chose the Gold membership, because it just made sense. I wanted to give Hookup.com the time it deserved to really impress me, in case the action was slow while I was developing my profile and meeting people online.

Turns out I didn’t really need time to be impressed! The night I signed up I ended up meeting up with this absolutely gorgeous dude at a bar right near my place, and we had the best time! Did we hook up? A girl doesn’t kiss and tell, silly.

….unless she writes adult dating site reviews! So yeah, we totally did! It was the in top one night stands I’ve ever had!

So, with a hookup under my belt the first night on the site, it was already looking promising. It didn’t slow down from there! With the Gold membership I had full access to all the messaging platforms, PLUS the ability to push all of my notifications to their mobile sex app. I was getting notifications non-stop!

I had a blast chatting to sexy local men in my neighborhood at all times of the day and night. Fun and playful online flirtation often led to steamy one night stands, because the mood had already been set!

I went on so many real dates with, honestly, the sexiest dudes I’ve ever looked at, online or off. Hookup.com made finding my type easy, so I wasn’t spending hours searching for a guy who piqued my interest, because all of the dudes were just my kind of sexy!




My biggest complaint with any dating site, and this one is no different, is the number of ads that pop up out of nowhere at the most inopportune times! When you’re getting a little freaky on your web cam with a movie-star-handsome guy, the LAST thing you want to do is stop your sexy striptease to close out an ad. It’s irritating, and it can break the mood, but it comes with the territory, and it’s certainly not a Hookup.com specific problem.

I really loved all the attention I got from local guys, but after a while I was just getting SO MANY messages that it was hard to keep up. I think, based on my experience, that there are definitely more guy members here than girls, which is awesome when you want to find someone and get laid right away, but can be a bit overwhelming when you’re still getting your bearings. For most people, though, too many guys won’t be a problem!




This site is legit! In spite of the fact that it appears to be new on the scene, it hasn’t missed a beat for a minute.

In my time of desperation on that lonely night, Hookup.com delivered. Even when I wasn’t necessarily looking to go out on a date that night, I always had the option.

And I think that’s the key here. Options! If you’re looking for something, or someone, new and exciting, Hookup.com is the site for you!

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