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Imagine my hesitation when my GUY friend told me about I mean, I respect his opinion and I know he’d never steer me wrong but a guy’s idea of a dating site is probably a lot different than a girl’s ideal. Nonetheless, I tried it out and let’s just say, I took my friend out for drinks to thank him for sharing this beautiful little secret site, that’s about to turn into the #1 site, with me. I say that it’s about to get bigger because every time I log on, there are already thousands of new members so I can tell that it’s gonna be huge.

adult meetings girls

Not much incentive here for a hetero girl! Just wait…

You might not be convinced when you first go to the site because it does look like a ‘men’s only’ site but then the site asks ‘Who Are You?’ and ‘Who Are You Looking To Meet’ and from there, it’s all like any other dating site for all types of singles. You just have to get past the first few pages to start seeing the men and then you’ll be happy you didn’t judge the site by the homepage.





What doesn’t this site have? I was in the mood for a little side action when I joined, nothing too serious and nothing too time consuming.

adult meeting sign up

In your profile set up, you can choose everything that you’re looking for in a partner. Pick and choose your preferences. If you want something casual, if you’re openly bi-sexual, if you want a partner with brown eyes, you can select it all.


Fine tuning your profile opens up this world of dating that you never knew existed. It’s usually just about who you want to meet and what’s your favorite sex position but here, you really get down to the details when looking for a partner. I think that’s the difference between a good site and an okay site. You get quality matches rather than a whole bunch of mediocre matches.


From instant messages to the usual pay for services like Live Web Cams and videos, there is something for everyone. It’s exciting to switch up your profile with emoticons and personal updates. If you’re feeling ‘drunk’ or ‘silly’ or ‘horny’, you can let the world know. Send Flirts & Winks to your matches and even check out their location to see who’s closest to you for a faster date. You can choose to accept only the matches that AdultMeetings sends to you or you can venture off the path and select your own guys from a long list of local hotties.





What I liked most about this site and I’m sure you will too, is that it’s FREE. Adult Meetings is running a promotion for a free lifetime membership with a valid credit card. Unfortunately you can’t skip that part if you want access to videos and e-mails. It won’t cost you a thing but there are pay for services that you’ll need a credit card for if you want to try them out anyway, so it’s better to be prepared. Imagine being in the mood and wanting to try a certain feature and having to enter in your credit card info first. What a mood killer. Do it now so that it’s convenient later.


If you choose to upgrade your account to a Gold VIP membership, it’ll cost you $49.95 per month with your first 2 months being free. You’ll have a featured profile and get free mobile access with this membership. It’s worth it if you really want to get yourself out there and meet quality matches. It’s easy to cancel your membership too. You have up until the last day of the month will no additional charges. Not like you’ll want to cancel when you see how much you get for your dollar.




adult meetings locator

I can hook up ANYWHERE I want


I chose to go the Gold route and I was busy chatting with local men in my city. I could’ve stayed on my profile all day and never run out of someone to talk to but I had to go to work. I stayed on the site to trial it for 2 months which was longer than the month I had originally planned. I was sucked in because the guys are so hot and I was going on real dates! I kept it simple for myself by sending a message a day to a new match which did not include the messages that guys sent me and I got a response for all 60 messages. I went on 17 dates and could’ve gone on more but I was having a hard time keeping up with my work and sleep so I had to turn down a few but there really are no limitations. I only slept with 2 guys but again, I could’ve gotten as wild as I wanted. The opportunity was there but I either wasn’t feeling the date, had prior commitments or the guy didn’t have an apartment to go to and mine wasn’t ‘date’ ready so I had to decline.


You can sign in from anywhere with a Gold membership. When you pay that little bit extra, you have access to your profile from your phone. I don’t know about you but I don’t always want to wait until I get home to check the messages guys have sent me. I am curious and want to know what they’re saying ASAP. Being a Gold member gave me the option to keep in touch and sneak texts all day. I didn’t always want to give out my phone number so this was the next big thing. This was a big plus for me.





If you don’t turn off e-mail notifications, you can go through a lot of data with a notification for every single message, wink, flirt, new match, etc… Make sure you look at all of your profile options to make sure that you’re not being bombarded with flashing lights and constant e-mails.


The web cam ads are pesky and when you’re having a late night, intimate conversation, it’s annoying to have them pop up at the worst times. They don’t have an option to turn them off in your profile settings but I’m sure there’s a way to get them to stop, I just haven’t figured it out in my time as a member. Also make sure you have an ad blocker on your computer to block all 3rd party ads or that can become a hassle as well.


When your profile is featured it’s a good and bad thing. Yes, some people want to be featured and have millions of people contact them but then again, some people don’t. It can be overwhelming when you all of a sudden get so many instant messages, e-mails and alerts and don’t know where to start. At some points I found it easier to appear offline for a few minutes just so I could catch up. That might not sound so horrible to some people but everyone is different and you might love it.




 adult meetings banner

Every dating site has its ups and downs and with AdultMeetings there are more ups for sure. I have tried quite a few sites and have always found there to be more guys I don’t want to date than ones I do want to date. On here, there are more that I want to date than not and the ones I don’t, I just block or remove from my profile. You don’t have to feel bad when you’re taking control of your dating life and it’s easy on a site like this. If it hadn’t been for my friend I probably wouldn’t have come across this site because it’s not exactly screaming ‘Find Men Here’ but when you sign up, your perception will instantly change. Its looks can be extremely deceiving but there’s a lot of good men in here who want to date and the best part it, they’re local. So close you wouldn’t believe it. I had no idea that there were this many hot men in my neighborhood. A dating site really opens up your eyes to how many people are looking for hookups online. HOT people looking for hookups online.


There are a bunch of members in here looking for all kinds of romance so you WILL hook up


and it will be all that you hoped for. If you’re straight, bi-sexual, gay, single or in a relationship, there is something there for you. This site has my vote!


  1. phil_adams says:

    I’m one of those people who don’t follow all the instructions. I was being myself when I tried to talk to women without having a profile. I didn’t have much luck. I later worked on it and got the profile up on AdultMeetings and things changed soon after. It’s important to have a good profile when it comes to online dating. People find you more trustworthy and it’s easier for the women to come and hook up with you.

  2. funny.guy.aziz says:

    Definitely! If I was a woman, I wouldn’t meet someone without a profile at all. It’s not easy coming out to meet someone that you met online. No matter what type of information you might have shared, meeting someone without a profile is like meeting someone without a face! It think it’s very important to have a stand out profile on to stand a good chance of getting laid.

  3. Packman says:

    Can members on upload multiple photos like on some other adult dating sites? I like to go through women’s photos before I talk to them.

  4. lou.chang says: allows you to upload multiple photos of yourself. So it’s a great tool to present yourself in a nice way. I always go to a woman’s profile and have a look at their photos before I talk to them.

  5. nigel_olcot says:

    You are allowed to upload as many pictures as you want I think. Things are great on You get many different types of hot women. There’s a lot of variety and it’s a great place to meet people. I love spending time on this site every night.

  6. stanley_clarkson says: will get you laid. It’s a rare online dating site that actually works. It has many hot women who are dating through it. The chat rooms are often busy, specially in the evening. It’s not that hard to start a conversation with a woman. Once you get to know them more, hooking up isn’t an issue.

  7. lover_boy_adam says:

    I love how simple is. The members are very calm and laid back. They are also highly open minded. Pretty much everyone’s on the same page when it comes to hooking up. If a woman is into serious dating, they usually let you know at the very beginning. It’s a great sex finder site.

  8. maxwell_k says: has to be the best online dating site out there. Like this review suggests, it’s got all the tools and the hottest members to get someone laid.

  9. Norton1990 says:

    It does help the fact that adultmeetings doesn’t have too many men. I’ve been on some sites in the past where they had way too many men for anything to work. That really made it impossible for anyone to hook up with a woman.

  10. brad.hanz says:

    If there are too many men on a site, that really exhausts the women. I can imagine what an inbox might look like when there’s a surplus of horny men. has done a great job to attract enough hot women to suit the number of men on this site. The ratio is great.

  11. Ruben90 says:

    I agree. I have been on certain sites in the past where women replied to me weeks after we’ve had a chat and told me that my message was hidden beneath all the rubbish and spam from other men. That type of thing will not happen on and I really like the fact that I don’t have too much competition. There are enough women for everyone, so it’s quite easy to hook up here.

  12. happy_charles says:

    Like this review suggests, is just a great site to find hot girls to hook up with. The feeling on this site is very positive. People like to get to know you.

  13. TysonS says:

    I think strict policies have made a very safe and efficient dating site. The admins do not tolerate fake identities, spamming or abuse. They will take action very quickly. People feel safe on this site and they go on more dates and talk to more people because of that.

  14. edward1990 says: has very good policies that really helps the site to keep the standards very high. You get genuine profiles of people who mean business. There’s no space for other little scams that take place on adult dating sites here. Due to that, members (especially women) are very relaxed and are able to trust each other more.

  15. Ron1991 says:

    What are the policies has against fake identities and scams? There were many of those on dating sites I’ve been a member of in the past.

  16. morgan.brady says:

    If you are caught pretending to be someone else or having multiple accounts, admins will quickly get to you on I feel it’s very important to keep a dating site clean and they are doing a great job.

  17. seth.jones says:

    I just want to get laid. What kind of women do you come across the most on Do they want hook ups or are they into serious dating?

  18. L.Mason says:

    I have come across women who were interested in one night stands as well as long term dating. It’s fair to say that you get a bit of both. However, most of the women here wouldn’t mind getting in to a long term relationship, but they are open to the idea of having fun until they meet that guy. That makes a great site because there’s a chance for any type of relationship here.

  19. LewisStewart says:

    I have dated women who were mostly into having fun. They weren’t interested in finding their soul mate or something like that. There are many casual daters like that on

  20. Stew_kent says:

    I’m someone who’s looking for a serious relationship and I’ve made it clear when I spoke to women on Of course the women were very honest about what they were looking and I had to let some of them go, but I’ve still been able to go on many dates with serious daters. Being honest about what you want really works on It saved me a lot of time.

  21. Benson_Pete says: just doesn’t work. I tried so hard to get the attention of women in chat rooms, but had no luck. I lost touch very quickly and they didn’t reply to my messages again.

  22. james_and_sally says:

    We are a couple looking for other couples and we were surprised to find so many people similar to our orientation on We’ve gotten to know many of them and we’ve been to many parties and stuff with some amazing people that we really get along with.

  23. shane_mulligan says:

    I’m not happy with the choices when it came to women on There were so many of them, but they were pretty much the same outgoing and good looking type. I for once was looking for an attractive and educated woman, but I wasn’t able to find that many on this dating site.

  24. keith_ponting says:

    Yes, I can’t stress enough the importance of a good profile on More successful you’ll be if you have a complete profile on this site.

  25. garry_1991 says:

    I spent a lot of time working on my profile initially. You can get a lot of ideas by looking at some of the profiles on Getting to know and hooking up became much easier after that. I was able to meet many hot girls.

  26. Dugg_1991 says:

    If getting laid is what you are looking for, I don’t think you’ll be having any ideas of leaving a site like It’s one of very rare online dating sites that actually delivers. So it’s worth every second of your time you spend on creating a good profile there. It will definitely get you results. The people on are used to looking at profiles of people before or while they talk to them. So it’s a smart move to have an attractive profile.

  27. Dickson_X says:

    This review is correct. AdultMeetings has to be one of the best dating sites out there. The women are very hot on this site and it’s well worth the money you spend on membership.

  28. harperjames says:

    Is it worth spending so much time and effort on a profile that is on a dating site? You never know when you’ll be leaving a site like

  29. callum89 says:

    I don’t like sites with complicated searches. Most things on are very simple which is great. It’s the same with the search function. It doesn’t take very long to run an accurate search.

  30. solomon89 says:

    Very true, the message box is also quite simple and smooth running. I’ve been on many other adult dating sites where they had such ridiculously complicated message boxes. has done a great job by keeping things very simple. I like dating on there very much. People are nice and it’s not that hard to hook up.

  31. Mosez_Mendez says:

    It was well worth my money and time registering on I enjoyed getting to know the women in the nearby towns. There were some circles I loved getting into. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

  32. eddie.smith says:

    Adultmeetings is the best adult dating site that I’ve been on all my life. I’m 33 years old and I’ve been on quite a few of them as well. This was the most productive one.

  33. DeanJ says:

    Very true, honesty can take you a long way on It’s exactly what hot women need. They need that push to be able to trust you. I have been very honest when talking to women on this site. I never hid anything from them when they asked questions. That really made them trust me very quickly.

  34. PaulX says:

    I second this review. is a site that has thousands of hot women who are eagerly looking for hook ups. The number of men are not too many, so there’s very little competition. This site will get you laid, it’s as simple as that.

  35. LouisKelly says:

    I never relied on pick up lines or catchy conversation starters to be honest. I just talked to the women as I was talking to someone I met on the street. Asking them simple questions and answering their questions will take you a long way. The best thing about is the fact that the women on this site are very friendly. They are really interested in getting to know people.

  36. PSean says:

    I usually start talking to women through the pm on I just write a small description about myself, likes, dislikes and a bit about my background. It works most of the time. Women feel very secure with a man who’s willing to share information with them. It’s understandable, since it can’t be easy for a woman to trust someone that they met online to come out and hook up with them.

  37. MarkusK says:

    I read the above review and joined I have completed the profile and uploaded good photos of mine. I’m just having trouble starting conversations with the women here. What are good conversation starters?

  38. Mike_Scott says:

    Just be yourself when you approach a woman. There’s no need for pick up lines or ice breakers on A simple hi will do the trick in most cases. Just say hello and ask questions to get to know the person.

  39. graham.lewis says:

    You have to realize that the profile on AdultMeetings is the only proof that you’re a real person to the members here. If you don’t have a good profile, then it’s similar to not existing and people just don’t want to talk to and get to know someone who doesn’t seem to exist.

  40. KelvinX says:

    I always look at the profile of a woman before I talk with them. I’m sure that it’s the same with the women on Adultmeetings as well. So it’s very important that you have a nice profile. That will increase the chances of getting hook ups and dates here. It’s clearly advised to focus on the profile when you register on this site and it’ll be wise to follow that tip.

  41. thompson_love says:

    I just didn’t like the fact that people have to spend so much time on their profiles and uploading pictures to I wanted to hook up here, not use it as a social media site. It was very difficult to talk to women as well since not many of them replied or kept talking to me.

  42. Frank_Pattrick says:

    There are so many interesting and fun loving women on I love spending time on this site. The profiles are great to look at and there are so many hot photos as well.

  43. chris.d says:

    Some of the women I know are just great to talk with. They are very interesting and I never pass on an opportunity to go out with them. Not just because I’m getting laid, I like to spend time with them. They are just great! If you’re trying to meet interesting people, Adultmeetings is a great site.

  44. says:

    This review is true. saves a lot of time. I’m never online for more than an hour, but I still manage to get laid a few times a week.

  45. billy_xxx says:

    Once you’re passed the initial stages of getting the profile done and meeting women, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on Just keeping in touch and saying hi to a few new women can keep you getting hook ups regularly. I like to come home and spend some time there talking to the women and looking for new ones. It’s a lot of fun.

  46. carrie.85 says:

    I used to spend hours chatting to men, but now I don’t have to. I was able to meet many great guys during the initial months on and I’m still in touch with most of them. It’s not very difficult to hook up now. I just have to call someone when I feel like it. I still use the site because I like to meet new men.

  47. Oprah1991 says:

    Really impressed with! It is a great site to meet hot men. I personally like to go on casual dates and have fun. Most of the men here are open to that.

  48. carol_bishops says:

    I love the chat on It really is the best way to get to know people. Then you can move on to the pm and after getting to know a guy, hooking up is just a matter of time.

  49. Norma_Lee says:

    Do I have to complete the whole profile on to stand chances of meeting hot guys to date and hook up? It seems like a bit of work.

  50. Angel_nicola says:

    Well I completed the profile and that really seemed to work. People trust the profiles on AdultMeetings and it’s a great way to present yourself. I got messages from a few new guys every week.

  51. Amelia.Waggoner says:

    Yes, get the profile done and don’t forget to upload photos. The only way of getting to know you initially is going through the profile. Make sure that it stands out. There are some great guys on so it’s totally worth the time and effort.

  52. RhondaMarshal says:

    Should I have to worry when uploading photos to my profile on I have gone through profiles of some of the women there and some of them seem to have even some revealing photos. Is it really safe to upload photos like that?

  53. says:

    I don’t really worry about uploading photos to Only members have access to the photos. I wouldn’t recommend adding photos that can do you any harm if it gets to the wrong people’s hands. A few photos which are sexy are ok I guess. Men on are really great. I don’t think the members would do silly things like that.

  54. rita_packer says:

    Well don’t avoid uploading photos because no one wants to talk to a person who has a profile with no photos. For once, I am a member of a dating site which is not full of creepy guys. I’m really happy about the authenticity of members on Admins have done a great job keeping it a safe and clean site.

  55. Maddison92 says:

    I have many galleries under my profile and that really helps me to get in touch with hot men on Everyone will go through your profile so you have to make it as attractive as possible.

  56. Karen_Weis says:

    What kind of dates can you expect with the men on Are they traditional ones or should I expect something casual?

  57. doctor_hailey says:

    Most of the dates have been very casual with the men I met on I loved them! I mean I don’t like boring old dates. I like to be a little adventurous and the men on knows how to have fun!

  58. zoey_pam says:

    The men I met on knew how to have a good time. That I’m sure about! They were not only great looking, but they were funny and interesting. Just the type of guys I want to be around with.

  59. rebecca.watlin says:

    What’s the best approach? Should I go and meet them or ask them to come and meet me? I’m talking to some really nice guys on and I feel that they’ll ask me out very soon.

  60. PageB says:

    Well it’s a good idea to leave it up to the man. His idea of a date really tells you a lot about the type of man he is. Don’t go to their places on the first date. If you really want to hook up, invite them over. Most men on expect a date to end with sex, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.

  61. zaria.m says:

    If I’m on a date and I like the man, then I just ask them to come in when they come to drop me off. We are all adults so everyone knows what to expect. I like hooking up on because things are very straight forward with the men there so there’s less guessing involved.

  62. betty_joe says:

    Exactly! I just like the idea of hooking up through a site like AdultMeetings because both myself and any man I’m dating will be on the same page. It really helps!

  63. AntoniaH says:

    I like to go with the flow when it comes to dates. So I go in open to all possibilities. If I feel like having sex at the end of it, I sure will. Most of the men I dated through turned out to be just great! I mean they were exactly the type of guys I wanted to hook up with. Of course I made sure of that when I spoke to them online, but still. I was glad to have met such great matches.

  64. Latisha_Pole says:

    Well I’m a bit careful when it comes to the men I sleep with, yet I ended up sleeping with most of the guys I met on I just couldn’t help.

  65. Anna.B says:

    I personally like to give things a bit of time before I get physical with a man. I have been on a few dates with the same guy and he has been the best. Patient and also taking it slow. I made it clear to him when I first met him on and he said that he was okay with taking things slow. It always helps to be straight forward.

  66. Vera.Paul says:

    Couldn’t agree more. The men on adultmeetings are great and you can save everyone a lot of grief by being honest about what kind of dating you’re in to.

  67. Brenda.Williams says:

    I know for a fact that there are great guys on who want to work on serious relationships. I have already met a few and I have high hopes. Of course most men would like to have sex as soon as possible, but some have bigger goals which is great.

  68. matthew.wade says:

    It’s not very easy to know whether a woman is the one that you’re going to spend the rest of your life is. The trick is not to overthink. You will meet a woman that you can’t be without. It can be through serious dating or by a casual hook up through There’s no way of knowing. I just like to not worry about that and focus on having fun.

  69. TyronK says:

    How advanced is the chat on I’ve been on many dating sites with different chat rooms.

  70. DerrickWaggoner says:

    The chat works really well on It’s very smooth and fast. You can share pictures and there’s the video chat option as well.

  71. marlon.bowden says:

    I love the video chat on It really helps you to have a more realistic experience. Some women aren’t all that comfortable starting a video chat, so it’s a good idea to chat with them for some time before trying it out.

  72. michael_haddin says:

    Like the review says, the tools that offers are very simple but effective. You won’t get all those high tech tools that some sites boast about, but you will definitely get results. This site will get you laid and that’s all I worry about. I’ve been a member of many other sites with such advanced searches and chat rooms, but never went on a date with a woman because there were way too many men. is much different.

  73. Harrison_Bennedict says:

    I like the chat. It’s not all that flashy, but it’s very user friendly. It’s easy to figure out and works very fast. You can share files as well as video chat, so that’s all I expect from a good chat room. The women on AdultMeetings are just amazing. They are hot as well as highly interesting.

  74. Harry.1990 says:

    I just like how laid back things are on The women are very easy going and they like to meet men and get to know them. The profiles are also very impressive on this dating site. One’s profile really helps you get a good idea about their personality which helps a lot when filtering through women to talk to.

  75. tony_guptil says:

    Very true, it’s very easy and simple dating on The people are laid back and that really makes a great atmosphere to get to know people.

  76. S_Scott says:

    The admins do an amazing job to keep this site the way it is. There’s very little chaos on this site. No spamming, no fakes and nonsense. It’s full of friendly people getting to know each other. I’m really happy that I joined It has really improved my love life.

  77. nevil.r says:

    I have been able to get laid so many times using The women were very easy to get to know and once that was done, it wasn’t difficult at all to get dates. They were very casual and fun. I was very comfortable during dates and was able to be myself. Almost all the dates that I was on ended with sex. The women were very open about having sex and they were just awesum in bed.

  78. Kester_Preston says:

    The women on are very adventurous. They like to try out new things in the bedroom. I was able to go beyond and explore many things with them.

  79. jeff.jordan says:

    I like to stick to the PM when it comes to approaching women on Am I missing out on anything by avoiding the chat rooms?

  80. Julian_Latham says:

    Well, things are more casual and quick on the chat. There’s also the option to have video chats which is great sometimes. But initially, I think it’s a good idea to use the pm. Especially when getting to know a woman. I really like how simple the pm function is on It doesn’t take much effort to figure it out and it works very efficiently. I’ve been on some sites that complicated the pm needlessly.

  81. Aaron1991 says:

    The pm is as simple as it will ever get. It works very smoothly though and gets the job done which is the important thing. Everything on is the same. Simple yet effective. It’s easily the best adult dating site in the world.

  82. Rown_Kristel says:

    Registering on adultmeetings was well worth my money and time. I have been able to hook up with so many women ever since I joined this site. I haven’t had to spend a lot of time talking to women as well.

  83. pretty_nicki says:

    Review says it all. I am a busy woman so I don’t have the time to do the whole traditional dating thing. really works for me because I’m able to get a date every week by only spending a bit of time on it daily.

  84. lovely.penny says:

    How much time in average do you have to spend on to get hook ups every week?

  85. EmmaL says:

    I don’t spend more than an hour online and I get at least one date per week. Most people are busy, so you can find many members online in the evening. I just make sure that I keep in touch and get to know a few guys and a date is just around the corner. has saved me a lot of time!

  86. bertha_hex says:

    I used to spend so much money on going out to meet men. It was a waste of time usually and very less fun involved. It was wise of me to invest that money on registering on because it was really easy to get dates and I always ended up having a great time! The men on this site are very fun and the hook ups are never boring.

  87. Mirabel.Stewart says:

    I’m from a small town in Texas and I had the same doubts about or any online dating site for that matter. To my surprise, there were many members from neighboring towns.

  88. Abbie_Long says:

    I’m from a small town, so I was wondering if there’d be enough men from places nearby me on I don’t want to register and find out that there’s no one from my area.

  89. nadinep says:

    I also come from a small town, but I was able to meet many great men in nearby towns and the closest city. There are many members on, so there will be some members at a nearby location. The worst will be having to travel a bit to meet someone, but you can usually leave that up to the man.

  90. victoria_angel says:

    This review is true, is a great place to meet men and hook up. I joined it a few months ago and I’ve been able to meet some great men thanks to this site. There were many hot guys from my area and it didn’t take me long to get to know them and hook up with them.

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