When on the prowl to meet sexy singles online, creating a online dating profile can be particularly taxing on ladies. You may feel that the illustration that you create of yourself online has to be a mixture of sexy, classy, flexible, and whole lot of other things that you don’t have the room to summarize in a 100 word introduction of yourself. So how do you make sure that you are able to not only attract but also meet single guys who meet your standards? Check out a few of the best online dating profiles for women for some inspiration.


Find Balance Between Naughty and Nice

online dating profile examples for women

I’m not here to answer the age old question of whether guys prefer vampy women or the girl next door. However I will suggest that you try to swing both ways when creating your online dating profile. It’s important that you set the standard for the type of man that you want to meet online¬†but try not to be too picky. You’d be surprised. It’s possible that you originally wanted to meet single firefighters (I don’t blame you, they’re hot) but you may end up with a strapping ¬†single truck driver (equally as hot!). So now the question is how to meet single guys online with a naughty/nice profile? It may be a bit cliche, but guys want to hear that you’re a lady in the streets who is able to keep it classy. Include all of your educational experience, your career highlights and of course make it more personal with some of your favourite hobbies and talents. Then, when the hot guy who is pursuing is convinced that you’re a bit too out of his league, throw in one of your secret fetishes or greatest sexual fantasy. A good girl who is an absolute freak in the bedroom – simple enough hints to include in your online profile to immediately meet sexy singles!


Keep Your Info Relevant

online dating profile examples for women

Think of your other online profiles; you wouldn’t use your middle school babysitting experience as a lead on LinkedIn. When on the hunt to meet sexy singles online you should treat your online dating profile the same way. Include only the information that sets you apart from other singles online. That being said, no one will be moved to reach out to you after reading that you are an aquarius who enjoys long walks on the beach. Though I can assure you that most people absolutely will not care. What about that year you took off after college to go find yourself while backpacking in Europe. That ebook the you worked on for years and finally published on iTunes? Or your special talent that can one day land you a starring role on the remake of Deep Throat? This is the type of information that helps you meet singles online!


Don’t Abandon Your Profile

online dating profile examples for women

In the world of online dating, it’s extremely easy to slide between the ‘absolutely desperate’ – to the ‘just doesn’t care’ territory. Keep in mind that other singles online can see your recent activity if you are on their friends list. If they see that you haven’t been active for the past month, they’re going to assume that you are one of those who just don’t care. It’s understandable that life sometimes gets in the way, and you don’t have all the time in the world to dedicate to your online dating profile. It’s still important to your online dating success that you post often, and interact with others who catch your attention. To make things easier there are a few adult dating websites that have mobile websites so that you can stay updated while on the go, including XXXLove and SexSearch.


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