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M4MClassifieds.com Review


 M4MClassifieds is a recently launched website dedicated to helping gay and bisexual men in meeting single men. Although M4M is a fairly new website it has already been rated as the number one “guy dating site”. The creators of M4MClassifieds have disclosed that they created the website because they know first hand that meeting single men in your area, who also meet all of your standards can be hard for anyone, but is especially difficult for other gay and bisexual men. The co-founder Andy Reyes and Carter Dugan created M4MClassified in order to help fellow gay and bisexual men learn how to meet single guys, make lasting connections online.

“No one can deny that meeting singles online is far easier for heterosexual women,” explains Reyes. “If finding a connection on line can be extremely difficult for heterosexual men, can you imagine the struggle that gay men such as myself face? We wanted to create a site where like minded people who shared the same goal could connect. What’s the same goal that they all share? Hooking up! M4MClassifieds.com doesn’t focus on all of the love connection and perfect match BS that other online dating sites do. We exist to help you hookup ASAP.”


  • Free to Sign Up
  • Millions of members always online
  • 100% Hookup Guarantee
  • Members can create detailed profiles with multiple high resolution images and HD video
  • Silver and Gold members have ‘advanced search’ options to browse through members based upon their favourite sexual positions, how sexually adventurous they are, number of partners etc…
  • View profile ratings judged by other members on a scale of 1-10
  • Find and connect with members you’re interested in with M4MClassified‘s plethora of communication tools – friend request, instant message, email, date request, and flirts (dirty – rubber fist, blow job, strap on, golden shower, rim job, spanking, etc; or clean – kiss, hug, chocolate, roses, cocktails, chia pet, etc.)
  • Ability to block and report unwanted members.
  • 24/7 access to site admin and help desk.


The Good

M4MClassifieds is a rare website dedicated to the celebrating the love of meeting single guys strictly to hookup. M4M is very different from typical online dating sites that are dedicated to hooking up singles in hopes of finding love. This website acknowledges that not everyone is at the point int heir lives where they are ready for long lasting relationships, and celebrates the liberty in one night stands and friends with benefits, with no strings attached and no judgement. All of the members of M4M are extremely open minded, and the website offers various useful features that help you look into their personal information and find out just how open-minded they are. M4MClassifieds also offers an advanced search tools for it’s premium members which allow you to know a bit m ore about a person before you even arrive onto their online dating profile. You can sort through members based upon a member’s ethnicity, location, height, body type, martial status and much more.

One of my favourite features on M4MClassifieds.com is that they guarantee that you will be meet single guys with their 100% hookup guarantee for all Silver and Gold premium members.  If you don’t hook up in your first 100 days on the site (with a Gold or Silver Membership), you get your next 100 free!

The Bad

Although M4MClassifieds is an incredible site for those are are interested in meeting single men and hooking up as soon as possible, this may not be the website for you if you are looking for a lasting relationship. M4MClassifieds places a heavy emphasis on finding a fuck buddy is who is down to have fun whenever you are, rather than finding a soulmate. If you are looking for an online dating website that specializes in helping you to meet single guys who are are looking for long term relationships, perhaps even a life partner, than a gay dating site such as ManPlay.com may be a better fit for you. Using the site’s on-page rating system you can view what other daters, friends or perhaps people who have just communicated with the member, have rated this person’s online dating profile.


A basic account on M4MClassifieds is free, but if you want any of the fun stuff listed above, you’ll have to upgrade your account. M4MClassifieds has two tiers of membership, both Silver and Gold. A Silver Membership is $29.95 per month for a one month subscription, and $19.98 per month for 3 month subscription. A Gold Membership is $34.95 per month for a one month subscription, $23.32 per month for a 3 month subscription, and $12.50 per month for a 12 month subscription.



M4mClassifieds is the best online dating site to invest in if you are serious about finding a no string attached sex partner with a gay or bisexual man. The site is fairly new and is already booming with millions of members, constantly increasing everyday. Known to have some of the most open minded members, a no-risk 100% hookup guarantee, and sexy members waiting to meet sexy guys online – joining M4MClassifieds is a no brainier! Logon to M4MClassifieds today to join for free.

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