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ManAction has been voted as one of the #1 best gay dating sites. The website’s ‘live in the moment’, ‘why wait’- approach to online dating, makes it a great spot to meet gay singles online. ManAction takes all of the bells and whistles out of online dating, focusing on creating connection for  it’s members that very night, rather than focusing on offering a plethora of features as other niche dating sites do. This website is quite different from most mainstream dating sites that are typically focused on rolling out features that can collect as much information about it’s members as possible. Most mainstream niche sites claim to have the ability to connect you with your true love. ManAction is a no nonsense, gay hookup site dedicated to meeting sexy gay singles to hookup with locally, and to do so as quickly as possible. This gay adult dating website is not as flashy as it’s competitors, but it doesn’t need to be. gets straight to the business of allowing it’s member to get straight to business; making it one of the best gay dating sites.



  • 100% free to join.
  • Millions of members.
  • Highlight featured members in your area to easily sort through the top rated people locally.
  • Offers a dating blog for gay men who are looking for potential dates, hookups, and relationships.
  • Available as a mobile app for Android, Apple, and Windows phones.
  • Web-cam chatrooms available between models and other members.
  • Both public and private chat areas are available.
  • Connect with through social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The Good

For those who are truly serious about meeting singles guys online, and have that as their main priority – is most definitely the best site for you. has the best collection of gay members who are strictly there for one reason, to hook up with sexy single gay men. Although they do not have as many members as some of their competitors, like for example who is able to boast having the highest number of gay members, this website has the great collection of sexy gay singles, although they are few compared to ManPlay! has a very high activity rate between all of it’s members and it is very rare that you will find an inactive profile on the website, due to the fact that ManAction members are extremely dedicated to seeking other gay males, and they know that the website works.

The user interface is extremely simple, and user friendly due to it’s easy navigations. If you’re not a computer whiz, or don’t take to walk through tutorials of how to navigate through new sites, ManAction will be perfect for you. The website is super easy to use between browsing through sexy gay singles, and accessing creative and relevant advice from tips and tricks on how and where to meet men, to your burning questions like ‘should I have sex on the first date’.

The Bad is still a fairly new site, which of course comes with it’s downfalls. As previously mentioned, ManPlay does not have as many members as some of it’s competitors such as ManPlay. The upside to having a smaller amount of members to sift through, is the higher amount of quality that comes with less members. The members on are quite dedicated to meeting sexy guys online and therefore the website has a very high user activity rate, with the lowest amount of inactive profiles on a niche online dating site. also has one of the least attractive websites I’ve encountered on an online dating site. In their attempt to make the website extremely user friendly, which they succeeded in, it seems that they have spared the aesthetics of the website. The website is extremely basic, and although that makes it easy to use, it is a bit of an eye sore.


ManAction has two tiers of memberships. A Silver Membership is $29.95 per month for a one month subscription, and $19.98 per month for 3 month subscription. A Gold Membership is $34.95 per month for a one month subscription, $23.32 per month for a 3 month subscription, and $12.50 per month for a 12 month subscription. They also have a 5-day trial membership for $1.59, but it will only get you Silver Membership level benefits.


Conclusion is a smaller niche adult dating website, that makes up for what it lacks in it’s amount of members with the quality of it’s members who are all hell bent on meeting sexy gay guys to hookup with tonight! Although ManAction has a smaller amount of members compared to most niche dating sites, the members that they do have a very diverse, from gay men who are looking for potential dates, hookups, and relationships. If you’re ready to take your sex life to the next level and meet sexy single guys, join today!

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