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Our Rating: 1/5 Review calls itself “the premier online dating service that pairs women in their prime with younger men and ends the double standard!” The website claims to be the best dating site for younger men to meet single mothers,  meet divorcees, and meet sexy singles. I’m going to go ahead and dispel all of these myths; is a complete online dating scam! This site has a reputation for planting fake dating profiles, which make up the majority of their site’s membership, and falsify their websites statistics including hookup success rate, members count, and paid membership features. If you are a young stud looking to meet single ladies who are older than you, or if you are a cougar looking to hookup with sexy younger men, read on to find out about’s online dating scams and why you should avoid signing up!


  • Free to sign up.
  • Mobile enabled website.
  • Conditional and time limited success guarantee program
  • Web camera chats with models and members
  • Can view top match results right after signing up

The Good

Having a website dedicated to those who want to meet single mothers, divorcees, older, sexy single women is a great niche dating site to have, in theory. has taken a great niche market of single and taken advantage of their needs. There are many other legitamate niche dating sites that cater to those looking to meet single parents including MatureLoverSearch and MeetSuccessfulMen.

The Bad

Where do I begin to describe the online dating scam that CougarLife is running? is known to over sexualize and diminish women through their controversial billboards and online banner advertisements. One of their most commented on, controversial billboards depicts a young mother breast-feeding an infant. The curvature of her breast is pixelated, and there is a though bubble protruding from the child’s head with the word ‘Jealous?’ has received endless backlash from both males and females, and refuse to comment, retract or apologize for their offensive advertising. One female commenter remarks “Offensive beyond words. Do you have any idea how many mothers fight everyday against the thought that breastfeeding is somehow a sexual thing? Your ads are disgusting enough without having to disgrace mothers, babies and their breastfeeding relationships. Please leave us out of your ad campaigns.”

Beyond their offensive advertising’s administrative staff are known to create fraudulent online dating profiles on the site, to create the illusion of having more members than they actually do. The site has a great lack of active users, mainly caused buy their continued over sexualization and outright disrespect towards women. An angered member of CougarLife took to an online dating forum to express his distaste for the online dating scam, stating: “This website is not genuine and here is why:

1- half of the profiles, if not more, are fake. Most likely created by the website administrators themselves. They want to trick you into believing that many cougars are interested in you and you have to upgrade to respond. They didn’t put that much effort in creating fake profiles either. Just one hazy picture with no profile description.

2. Both me and my friend signed up and we were getting the same emails with the same title from the same people at the same time! coincidence??

3. Membership rates are very high for such a small website, and guess what? No three-day trial either/ Probably because you will find out that it is all fake real quick”

Conclusion is a complete and utter online dating scam! Do not waste your money attempting to sign up for this website! If you are truly serious about wanting to meet single mothers, and older single women, then you should consider trying out other legitimate niche dating sites such as MatureLoverSearch and MeetSuccessfulMen.

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