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BlackLoverSearch Review a ethnic niche online dating website that caters to black people looking to meet singles online, as well as those who are attracted to black people.  I’m sure that you’ll agree with me when I say that black women are some of the sexiest women that there are. Many adult dating websites have a significant lack of black members. On a website with over 5 million active users, you may find that less than 30% of the members are black. If you’re looking to meet other black people, or have always had a sexual attraction to black people and would like to have a larger array of online members to connect with, BlackLoverSearch was created to be the number one spot for black singles to meet.


  • The site is 100% free to sign up for.
  • BlackLoverSearch has millions of members!
  • Easily navigable format that allows you to choose your specific desires
  • Offers a 100% Hook Up Guarantee – if you don’t hook up in your first 100 days on the site (with a Gold or Silver Membership), you get your next 100 free!
  • Both public and private chat areas are available
  • Easy communication between members through Insta-Messaging, E-Chat and Webcam
  • “Sex Stats” feature allows you to see exactly what other members are looking for in the bedroom
  • Available as a mobile app for Android, Apple, and Windows phones.
  • Connect with BlackLoverSearch through social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Has been featured on BET, Howard Stern Show, and HBO

The Good

BlackLoverSearch is a niche adult dating website created specifically for those who are looking to meet sexy black singles online. Although this is a niche website, the website has quite a broad membership base. BlackLoverSearch has established itself as one stop shop for all online dating enthusiasts who are attracted to black people; whether you are a black woman looking to meet single lesbians, hookup with a couple, start meeting single men, and even bring in a third party into your relationship, BlackLoverSearch has a large array of members that is bound to have anyone and everything that you are looking for. It’s no wonder that the website is known as one of the best dating sites, and has been rated the internet’s #1 Site for ebony hookups.

In addition to the diversity of sexuality and online dating goals that BlackLoverSearch’s members share, the website has over a 4 million members. Having such a large amount of members to browse through, it is extremely easy to connect with the black person that you’re looking for. Members on BlackLoverSearch are known to be very outspoken, active on the website daily, and most importantly extremely experimental. One of the members on the website testimonial page raves “As soon as I signed up for BlackLoverSearch, I was simply blown away by the quality of members on the site. There are so many amazingly beautiful women on the site.  It made me think about that old expression: ‘Once you go black, you never go back’. After using BlackLoverSearch for a couple of weeks I definitely started to reconsider my memberships to all of the other dating sites that I belonged to. BlackLoverSearch might just be the only site I really need. I dare say that my search for black women is over.”


The Bad

My only issue with BlackLoverSearch is the meeting singles online who live in your area, is not as likely as with some of my other favourite sites such as Perusing through member profiles I noticed a pattern in all of the member locations; most lives in large, metropolitan cities or in the Caribbean islands and Africa countries. Those of us who are living outside of the Caribbean and Africa countries, such as myself, we’ll find that most of the members who are closes to our location are in larger cities. Although this is not an issue for me because I live in a large city, those who live in countries with concentrated areas with a black population that you do not happen to live near, this may pose as an issue for you once you are a member.

That being said, the are many members on BlackLoverSearch internationality, all of which are quite open minded. if you live in a nation with populations of black people in  concentrated areas, you might actually benefit from using BlackLoverSearch as you may be to meet hot single black people in your area who you haven’t met before.


A basic account on BlackLoverSearch is free, but if you want any of the fun stuff listed above, you’ll have to upgrade your account. BlackLoverSearch has two tiers of membership, both Silver and Gold. A Silver Membership is $29.95 per month for a one month subscription, and $19.98 per month for 3 month subscription. A Gold Membership is $34.95 per month for a one month subscription, $23.32 per month for a 3 month subscription, and $12.50 per month for a 12 month subscription.


You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, check, money order, or direct debit.


Of the large array of niche online dating websites that specialize in connecting black people, BlackLoverSearch is definitely one of the best dating site for black singles to meet. To say that the website is reasonably priced would be an incredible understatement considering the high quality of their members, and how active they are daily. If you’re looking to meet black single online, or have casual sex with some of the sexiest black people in your area, BlackLoverSearch is the #1 online dating site to hook up with black singles today.

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