Online Dating Etiquette: Browsing Through Members

I’ve started a blog post series focused online dating etiquette. By now you’ve probably read one of our previous blog posts 7 ReasonsWhy Your Dating Profile is The Worst by now. I started this post series just in case this post hit a little too close to home. I’m here to help you upgrade your online dating profile from douche-bag status to full inbox status. In this post I’ll be focusing on sending emails and private messages. My previous post, Online Dating Etiquette: The First Email focused  on how to send the perfect first email while online dating. This time around I’m going to explain how to effectively search through millions of profiles on an online dating site to find the best matches for you.

1. Start with Members Who Viewed your Profile

Starting your online dating research can seem as daunting as starting to write a university thesis; you have an idea of what you want, but where do you start? Luckily there are some really good online dating sites that give you clear hints of who’s interested in you by listing those who have recently viewed your profile. Start off by checking out who recently viewed your online dating profile. This will give you an idea of who is interested in you, enough to check out your profile. A great website that offers this feature is XXXBook

2. Checkout “Similar Profiles”

Once you browse through those who have recently viewed your online dating profile, and you find yourself unimpressed don’t sweat. Your online dating success rate isn’t in the shitter just yet, there’s still a few more steps to go. Some of the best dating sites include a “similar profiles” feature for each member. If you’re interested in one member’s hobby in archery, but not too impressed by their profile picture, you can search through similar members who may also enjoy archery (if you’re into that kind stuff).  One of my favourite sites to offer this feature is EroticAds

favourite online-dating-research-tools

3. Browse through profile Sex Stats

One of my all time favourite online dating research tools is the “Sex Stats” feature.”Sex Stats” outline what a member enjoys sexually, dislikes, and even what they’re interested in trying out. On some sites, they are displayed right on a member’s profile page. This can be extremely helping while browsing because it gives you an idea of exactly what you would be getting into sexually if you’re browsing to meet with and hook up with sexy singles. The best dating site to provide detailed “Sex Stats” is SexSearch

4. Used Advanced Search Options

One common theme that I’ve noticed is that some of the best dating sites that I’ve reviewed usually have millions of active users. For this reason, it’s really important that you take advantage of some of the advanced search options offered on some sites. One of my favourites is offered by AdultLink, which allows members to quickly meet sexy singles in their area by browsing through millions of a concise list of  profiles, sorted  by location, new members, hottest members, or by specific traits such as age, marital status, sexual preference, circumcised/uncircumcised, ethnicity,  body type, height, etc


5. Block or Report Unwanted Members

Finally, one of the easiest ways to heighten your online dating success rate is by sorting out those you’re not interested in. If you’ve been connecting with someone for a while and have a change of heart, you don’t need to worry about the awkward confrontation that follows the “It’s not you it’s me” conversation that typically occurs during traditional dating. One of the magical things about online dating is that if you’re no longer interested you don’t need to admit it to the person. You can simply block them from contacting you or viewing your profile and move on with your search. In addition to this, you can also report a member to a website’s admin and support team if they make you feel uncomfortable. A great website that offers 24 hour customer support is Xpress

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