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Online dating is a great way for everyone to have either dating casually or look for something serious, but like anything else its always important to stay safe. There are certain things that are just common sense, like not putting your address and phone number in your online dating profile is always a good idea. It’s also a good idea to not only be concerned about your physical safety but to also avoid being scammed by online dating scammers who will take your money and leave you high and dry. So fallow our tips to make sure you don’t get scammed or worse physically harmed.

Don’t Show The Money When You Meet Singles Online


You should never in any circumstance send money to someone you have only met online. Regardless of how tragic or urgent their story is don’t fall victim to these online dating scammers. Other reg flags to be aware of are anyone who immediately asks you for your email address under the guise of having something to send you should not be trusted. If anyone asks for your home address to say, send you flowers or something, then you should absolutely that report them for abuse on the site and get them removed from the service. If someone who contacts you sends messages that are regularly riddled with spelling and grammatical errors then you should seize all communications, since they are most likely someone running some online dating scam in a foreign country.

Offline Dating Safety Just As Important As Online Dating Safety


If the person you are chatting with online hasn’t committed any of the above offenses and you have decided to go on a date with them person you still need to remember to play it safe. Just because they appear innocent and polite online doesn’t mean they don’t have ulterior motives and possibly some very terrible intentions. Make sure to always tell someone where you are going on your date and make sure to also give as much info as possible about the person you’re going out with. This should be obvious, but make sure to always meet in a public place with lots of people around incase the person is giving you a bad feeling so you can leave without any issues. Also, make sure to get yourself there and have a way home. You don’t want to rely on your date to pick you up or have them be your only way home. It’s always best to stay sober and drive yourself after the date or worst case, take public transit alone. If you do choose to have a drink then keep an eye on it incase your date decides to add a little something extra to it. The same can be said for your personal belongings, you don’t want your date to walk out with your stuff while you’re in the washroom.

Trust Your Intuition


The best piece of advice I can give you about protecting yourself is to simply trust your gut. If something feels wrong, then likely there is something wrong. People have this strange fear of offending people even though they know deep down that something might be wrong, but they would rather risk it then hurt someones feelings. So if something doesn’t feel right then get out of there and put your safety ahead of your politeness which will keep you out of harms way. You might offend someone, but isn’t that better than having someone hurt you physically?

The dangers of online dating are no different then the dangers you would face while dating the old fashioned way, so they should stop anyone from getting online and having some fun with one of our Certified Dating Sites. Just trust your gut and be smart and you’ll have a ton of fun while dating online.

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