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In my endless pursuit for the easiest hook up site online I found a new one by the name of HookUpCloud.com and decided I would give it a try. I have found a lot of sites that allow me to easily hook up with someone with very little effort put forth. HookUpCloud might be the easiest site I have come across when it comes to hooking up with ease. I had a friend tell me about the site so I did some investigating. I came across a few competing sites saying stuff about a HookUp Cloud scam, which I didn’t take to seriously since I’ve heard of plenty of sites that are “scams” that I have in reality used to hook up with a tons of chicks on. No matter what sites I review there is always someone saying its a scam, usually before they tell you to try out their own site – convenient, huh?! After doing a ton of these dating site reviews, I’ve found strangely enough, that the hookup sites people usually scream the most about being a scam, are the sites I have the most fun with. Success breads jealousy they say, so those people must just be jealous that no one is hooking up on their sites.




HookUp Cloud has a lot of great site features, as well as membership specific features. Their homepage lays out a simple path to get laid: 1. Join Hookup Cloud 2. Connect 3. Have Sex! 4. Repeat. That might sound like the kind of hooey you normally see on homepages trying to pitch their product, but trust me – I’ve been there and I’ve done that and I’m still on enjoying step 4 every day.


HookUp Cloud features a variety of security features for different levels of discretion. You can limit your profile to only be seen by those you contact, allow your profile to be completely public, and everything in between. So whether you’re happy to shot to the world that you’re looking for great, easy sex, or you’re looking to keep it super discreet because of your relationship status or social status, HookUpCloud works for you.


HookUp Cloud also has millions of members and allows you to search or find them in a variety of ways. You can see the newest members to join HookUpCloud.com, find members who are the closest to your location, see members who have viewed you profile (you have an in, they’re already somewhat interested!), members that are voted “hottest” by other members, members that are currently using their webcam on the site chat (oh yeah, there’s chat rooms and message boards too), or you can used the advanced search to find members in any area and of any gender, age, height, weight, body type, ethnicity, and more.


The site also includes an up-to-date HookUpCloud member activity feed that will show you the latest photo/video uploads and profile updates, and also shows when someone has looked at your profile, sends you a message, or requests to meet up with you (these show up in your notifications as well, don’t worry!).


HookUpCloud gives you full creative control of your profile. You can make it as detailed (or not) and can add photos as well as videos! Some of the videos other members have posted are almost a good enough reason to join the site all in themselves!


You can see more about the specific membership features, right from the HookupCloud.com FAQ page:






HookUpCloud is free to join, but at that point, hey – you get what you pay for. If you are really interested in meeting single ladies, you need to upgrade your account to a Silver or Gold membership, which costs a measly amount per month (like, way less than you’d spend on a night at the bar or a fancy first date). There are several different payment levels and options, so just check them out and see which one suits you best.


The Good

Aside from the amazing site function and all the great features listed above, HookUpCloud’s biggest “best” has to be its members and its hookup success rate. Check out these number, right off the homepage. These stats are the average for all HookUpCloud members: You can expect to get replies to 89% of the messages you send out, which is incredibly high! Whether they be for online fun with cyber sex or dirty webcam chats, or you find someone who wants to meet as early as a few hours in the future, you’re right in the thick of it! These numbers basically say that the more messages you send, the more sex you will have. 100 messages? That takes less time than you think, but 10+ hookups? Now you need a whole new calendar just for sex!!



The Bad


The only downfall of HookUpCloud is that you have to pay for your membership. But, as I’ve already said, and have said a million times before, when it comes to online dating sites, you get what you pay for. Those 100% free dating sites? Almost entirely scams. The ones that aren’t? Full of fake profiles, scammers, and “window-shoppers” who are just interested in being part of the scene without being serious about meeting and hooking up. Trust me, I’ve been there.


The fact that you need to pay in order to use the site to its full potential is often why people will run around screaming “HookUp Cloud scam!” But, really, HookupCloud doesn’t want you credit card for anything shady – that’s just how you pay for things on the internet. No one claims that Amazon is a scam because you need to use your credit card. The whole thing is just silly. HookUpCloud smartly highlights the fact that it is free to join. It never says that there aren’t options to pay for more. That’s just good salesmanship, not suspicious behavior.


So yes, I guess it’s a “bad” that your wallet will be a little bit less full, but it’s so, so, so worth it, and in the end it’s cheaper than any other way you would try to get laid.




If you’re looking for hot, local women that want fast, easy, hot, dirty sex then you don’t need to read more than this review. HookUpCloud.com is here to get you laid; there is no HookUp Cloud scam and there is no downside at all, really. HookUpCloud.com is 100% legit – safe, secure, and discreet all the way – and makes it sooo easy to connect with members exactly how and when you want to. What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

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