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Instant Review – The Top Contender For Best Hookup Dating Site


We’ve reviewed what looks to be the next greatest site for sex, and we tell you why you should check out InstantHookups ASAP if you’re looking to get laid! It’s FREE TO JOIN and has a ton of members to choose from, so if you’ve been hankerin’ for a spankerin,’ or whatever kind of sexy action that you’re into, read on to find out why I loved this hookup site so much, and why you should think about joining. I would say that InstantHookups has earned the #1 spot for best hookup site online! I go into detail about what EXACTLY makes this site so great for hookups, and what you can do to make your time using the site even better.

I went into this site not expecting too much, to be completely honest, but I found myself actually looking forward to signing on each time. I guess you could call me a skeptic, but I was most definitely converted to a believer in instanthookups, and how incredibly easy it made having an active sex life possible. The days of trolling bars to find people who want to have sex are over, and my bank account thanks me! Aside from that, there’s zero humiliation involved in using this site – no one gets ruthlessly rejected, ever. All of the members are looking for a good time, and that’s all that they’re there for, so no drama or stress is involved in using InstantHookups, which was amazing to me. For these and many other reasons, instanthookups is a hookup dating site to seriously consider. Let’s go into more detail about what makes it one of the best hookup sites online.



1) Locator Tool For Local Matches
When you’re looking for sex, you want it now, not in 45 minutes to an hour, so it doesn’t help anybody when you match with someone who’s far away. Instanthookups has a GPS tool that ONLY matches you with locals and people in your area, so you can get it when you want it without having to wait for travel time! You aren’t compromising your safety or privacy by using this feature either – it’s completely up to you and how you set your settings. Unless you authorize it, your location is NOT displayed for all members to see, so you don’t have to worry about your friends or spouse seeing you online looking for hookups either, if that’s your situation! This also works by matching you with people when you’re travelling, so if you’re visiting a friend and staying elsewhere, you can still find sex with members wherever you happen to be.

I used a different site previously to try and find hook ups, and I honestly cannot tell you how many times I chatted with someone, things got hot and heavy and we were ready to meet up, only to find out that they lived 30 MINUTES FROM ME! I was incredibly pissed and didn’t end up making the trip to see him, had to finish things off myself. I’m happy to say that this was never an issue for me using InstantHookups! Everyone I matched and chatted with was within a 10 minute drive or walk, so the mood stayed hot while we were en route to hooking up.


2) Send Invites For Sexy Events
Have you heard some buzz about an orgy or swingers party in your area? Interested in attending? Well, on instanthookups, you can send out the invite to other members to attend the event as well! Share whatever local kink and fetish parties are going on near you, and gather a crowd of horny people to join you by inviting other members of the site, because YOU KNOW they’re looking for sex, and who doesn’t want to try something new? I’d never actually seen something like this on a hookup site before, and I thought it was really cool to have. It’s not events that are put on by InstantHookups themselves, they just allow members to share info on what’s going on in their neighborhoods for those who are into what’s going on. I’ll admit, I ALMOST went to an orgy that I saw was happening on my street over the weekend, but I chickened out at the last minute. I’ll get there one day!


3) Sexy-Times Only Membership!
GREAT NEWS for you if you hate trying to play the game of “so, what are you looking for?” – this site is SEX ONLY, so if you’re looking for anything more, move along! A more appropriate question for people on this site would be “so, what are you into?” or “what’s your kink?”, and then you can divulge your fantasies from there. NOBODY is on this site looking for love, so there’s a solid understanding that if you’re a member, you want to hook up, plain and simple. This makes getting it a lot easier, because you don’t have to discuss anything personal or solve any puzzles to get a date – you only have to get them in the mood and you’re set!

Full disclosure: I had never had a threesome before I joined the site, despite the fact that I consider myself to be a sexual guru, so I made it my mission to find people to have one with when I signed up. I figured what better place to find people for something like that then a hookup site? I was not wrong! I’ve been asked to participate in no less than 6 threesomes and group sex action since I became a member, and I’ve only been on this site for 3 WEEKS! I’ve taken up 2 of those offers and have officially crossed threesomes off of my sexual bucket list. GO TEAM!


4) Lots Of Diverse Variety
There are members from all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities, occupations, ages, and so on, so you have your choice of the most diverse group of members anywhere online. These are all just people looking for a good time and a sexy time, so all that matters here is getting some! Whatever your preference on appearance, you can find it here, so no matter what you’re looking for and WHO you’re looking to hook up with, instanthookups has you covered.

I LOVE super jacked-up guys of any ethnicity – as long as they’re buff and rippling, I’m wet, so keeping that in mind, I was curious if I would find many to hookup with on a site like this, because in my past experience, they’re usually on more specific sites geared toward that kind of thing. SO I was thrilled to see that I matched with 5 meaty guys near me – one of whom I’d actually run into before! Best sex I’ve ever had, and I think I might be hooked on InstantHookups to find my sexy meatheads to ravage me. It’s done me well so far!



There’s no cost whatsoever to join Instanthookups, so you can SIGN UP TOTALLY FREE! You get access to the members on the site, you can message them and interact, but you also have the option to do a little bit more – for a small price. InstantHookups offers some premium features that you do have to pay for, but I found that they were definitely worth the money, and very reasonably priced. You can pick and choose which of these premium features you want to purchase, so you’re only paying as you go for what you’re getting. On other hookup sites I’ve tried, you had to pay an overall fee to even access any features, so I found that the way INSTANTHOOKUPS offered theirs to be way better. I only use the ones I want, and those are the ones I pay for – fair enough!

I always felt that if a hookup site wants you to pay to join, it’s questionable, so that’s why I felt comfortable paying the features on instanthookups. I wasn’t paying too much money for something that I might or might not use – I pick out the ones I wanted to use, WHEN I wanted to use them, and paid for them then. I felt like I was getting my money’s worth and it made this hookup site a lot more legit in my eyes! They only ask you to pay for what you use, and it’s otherwise completely free, so I don’t see where they could possibly be scamming members of the site. It’s safe to say that if you join InstantHookups looking for sex, you’re going to be happy about your experience finding hookups, AND about the money you’ll save by not having to go out to a bar to find what you’re looking for.


The Good

SO MANY GOOD THINGS about instanthookups, where do I even begin? There are hundreds of thousands of members, to begin with, so if you join the site, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get laid, so there’s that. They’ve made using the internet to find people to hook up with so much easier, and it’s totally free to use it! Nowadays, a lot of people tend to think that hookup APPS are the way to go, but after trying INSTANTHOOKUPS, and having used those apps in the past, I can confidently say that these people are WRONG! This hookup site is the same, if not better, then hookup apps, and offers way more then those apps do too.

There’s also the convenience aspect to using a dating hookup site over going out and trying to find people to hook up with. Think about it: you go to a bar, spend money on drinks for yourself, scope out a potential hookup, then you have to come up with an icebreaker and hope it works. You might strike out and you might not, but it doesn’t end there! You then have to buy THEM drinks, talk, and again, HOPE that they’re down to hookup. After all of that effort and money spent there’s a solid chance of them saying NO, and then you’ve wasted your entire night AND got nothing out of it. Now, say that you choose a hookup site like INSTANTHOOKUPS to meet someone. You send a message, chat for a bit, and then hookup. Done and DONE! When you’re on a site like this, it’s already a given that you, and all the other members, are on there because they’re looking for sex, so it’s no mystery whatsoever why someone would be contacting you. If you get a message, they want to hookup, simple as that!

The optional premium features themselves are pretty great, because they make it way easier to break the ice and connect with people on the site. Things like flirts and pokes help initiate contact, without having to invest much effort in thinking of something clever to say. It’s really good way to test the waters with someone you’re interested in hooking up with, without putting yourself out there too much. It’s hard to feel rejected when someone simply doesn’t respond to your flirt, so egos are not hurt when you’re looking for hookups on InstantHookups, and that’s always a good thing!


The Bad

Quite literally the only thing that I can think of that could be considered negative on InstantHookups are the NSFW photos that are all over the site. I like looking at them, don’t get me wrong, but it makes it a little bit harder to browse the site while in public, like on transit or in a coffee shop. It just looks like you’re straight-up looking at porn in public, so that’s one thing. Don’t use it in public, or at work. Trust us, this isn’t something you want to get caught browsing on the bus, so save it for your alone time, or a more private setting at the very least. But really, who doesn’t expect naked pictures on a hookup site, come on! The ‘bad’ here really only applies to WHERE you use the site, not the site itself, so it’s really up to you on that one.

Also, depending what your personal thoughts are on it, paying for features could be considered a bad thing, but I found it really reasonable and totally fair. It’s a free site with the option to pay for extra features, so if you want to access those things, you have to pay some money. That makes sense to me, but I get why some people might not be a fan of that particular method of operation. Still, though, it’s not like you’re required to use those features at all, or pay to meet people on the site, so to me, it’s really not a big deal and definitely didn’t take anything away from my enjoyment of using the site.



Overall, I’d say that definitely lives up to its name – it’s GREAT for hooking up with people pretty instantly, and it really does work. This is the first hookup site that I’ve used where I feel like it’s completely legitimate! Not only do I want to continue to use it, I would recommend it to my horny friends in a heartbeat. I’m amazed at the number of horny people on the site, but then really, what did I expect. It makes meeting people a hell of a lot easier when you already know they’re looking for sex. There’s no need for awkward small talk, getting to know each other, or gauging whether or not they’re down to get down – you just have to see if they’re attractive, if they’re attracted to you, and decide where you want to meet up to hook up. Finding people to have sex with could not be any easier then it is on InstantHookups.

One thing that I thought was really unique about this particular hookup site is that it seems to be made for all kinds of experienced members; it’s just as good for people who are new the casual sex and hooking up as it to experienced horny peeps finding hookup partners online. It’s very easy to use and so straight-forward that you really don’t have to be great with technology to figure it out. All you have to know is that you want to have sex, and what kind of person you’re looking for looks-wise, and you’re off! If you haven’t already, check out InstantHookups and see how genuinely easy it is to find horny people who want to have casual sex encounters. You might just be surprised!

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