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Hookup-Dates.com is a new adult dating site that promises to help you “find your adult hookup tonight!” Within its description, the site states that it will “help you set up the perfect profile to attract the types of people you are most interested in. We understand you want to be comfortable when you are talking with people online, and we have done everything we can to make sure you are able to feel relaxed and in control when talking with the other singles on the site.” Evidently, Hookup-Dates doesn’t want to help you get some action with just anyone, but with exactly the type of person you’re interested in. This seems to be what sets Hookup-Dates apart from a lot of other adult dating sites that are currently out there on the web. While just about any site can help get you laid, Hookup-Dates seems more committed to helping you find a hookup with the right person for you. Good chemistry is the most important part of any worthwhile hookup, so this site’s approach to adult dating is definitely an attractive one.

The site’s homepage is decorated with several images of attractive women, as well as a number of member testimonials. Having the testimonials on the front page is definitely a nice touch, as it help you get a feel for the Hookup-Dates members and how interactions on the site are made. The testimonials definitely show that the site has a wide variety of members, from regular singles just looking for a good time, to single parents looking to make a good match. And with screen names like “ILoveTheNRA19″ and “LindaBeerDrinker22,” you know that the members on this site hold a vast array of hobbies and you’re bound to make a great connection with someone who shares your personal interests. Based on the profile pics attached to the testimonials, there definitely seems to be some very attractive members already signed up to Hookup-Dates.

Another thing that seems noticeable about the Hookup-Dates layout is that it does not appear to be loaded with explicit images and nudity, as many other adult dating sites often are these days. Though there certainly are some sexy and erotic images, there isn’t really anything there that might be considered NSFW. Because of this, Hookup-Dates may seem especially inviting to people that might be new to the world of adult online dating. Though the testimonials show that there are definitely some experienced online daters among the site’s members, the more subtle and less in-your-face raunchy design of the site seems to invite newcomers as well. The site offers a sort of laid-back and no-pressure approach to online dating as it states “where you go from here is up to you! Whether you go directly into online hookups, or you just enjoy flirting with the hot singles you meet on the system, you will have fun chatting and hooking up.” Of course, while initial sign up is free, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account to gain access to all of the site’s features.

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  • 100% free to join.
  • Site already has thousands of members.
  • 100-day hook up guarantee – if you don’t hook up with someone in your first 100 days, you get your next 100 days free.
  • Two paid membership options, Silver and Gold, offer more features and benefits with different payment methods.
  • Browse by most popular members, newest members, screen name, or advanced search options.
  • See which members are online and/or on webcam at any given time.
  • See your latest matches and who has viewed your profile.
  • Compatibility Match allows you to see by what percentage you and a member are matched based on what you are both looking for.
  • Ability to block or report members as well as access to customer support.
  • Many methods of communication – instant message, email, friend request and “flirts.”


The Good

Hookup-Dates is a fun, laid-back site and definitely a great place to meet singles online. The sign up process is quick and easy and based on the member testimonials, there are a lot of great and attractive people already signed up to the site. The design and layout of Hookup-Dates is obviously inviting to both experienced online daters and those who have just decided to give a try for the first time. The site doesn’t bombard you with explicit NSFW images, but does offer enough subtly sexy imagery to draw in just about anyone. Even the most apprehensive of online daters will feel comfortable on this site thanks to its no-pressure approach. You’re free to browse and to connect with members on your own terms. And if you’re an experienced adult online dater, you will also find that this site has a lot to offer, with a wide variety of great members. There’s absolutely something for everyone on this site.


The Bad

As is the case with nearly every adult dating site these days, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership on Hookup-Dates to really gain any benefits from using the site. This is, however, to be expected and not a huge deal at all. Another slight drawback to the site is that as of yet there is no mobile app for your smartphone device. This would be a nice feature, and I’m sure there will be one soon, but even without it, Hookup-Dates remains a great site.



As mentioned, there are two paid membership options on Hookup-Dates.  Silver Membership is $29.95 per month for a one month subscription, and $19.98 per month for 3 month subscription. A Gold Membership is $34.95 per month for a one month subscription, $23.32 per month for a 3 month subscription, and $12.50 per month for a 12 month subscription. They also have a trial membership for $1.95, but it will only get you Silver Membership level benefits.




Hookup-Dates is without a doubt a great place to meet sexy singles online. The simple design of the site invites all types of online daters, both new and experienced, and the testimonials on the homepage allow you to get a good feel for the site before you sign up. If you’re still not convinced, you can join for free with the site’s very simple sign up process and browse profiles as long as you before upgrading a paid membership. We definitely recommend checking this site out. Also, be sure to have a look at some more of our dating site reviews.



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