Recently, we posted a list of some of the most common types of romance scams that currently exist on various online dating websites. The list included popular cons such as emergency scams, airline ticket/visa scams and disaster relief scams, all of which target vulnerable online daters simply looking to make fun connections on the web. For this article, we’ve compiled another list of less common, but still noteworthy scams that you should be aware of as you set off to find love online. While not necessarily as prevalent in the online dating world as emergency or airline ticket cons, the scams below do indeed exist and people have certainly fallen for them in the past. Just because they are less common does not mean you shouldn’t be wary of them. The process of finding a dating partner online will be much more fun, rewarding and safer if you are fully aware of, and thus able to avoid, any potential romance scams. With that in mind, have a look at the list below for everything you know to make your online dating endeavours all the more risk-free and enjoyable!


Fake Police Scams




Often, scam targets may realize they are being/have been duped by an online con artist. Unsurprisingly, the first thing many people do upon this realization is contact the police to report the scammer. Yet, rather than backing off when they realize a victim is onto them, some scammers may ¬†actually try to take advantage of such a situation by pretending to be the police themselves. For instance, if you realize the particular scam you are involved in has come from Ghana or Nigeria, you may try to contact the police in those countries to inform them of the criminal activity taking place. Later, you may receive an e-mail from someone claiming to be representative of the Ghanaian or Nigerian police stating that they have tracked down the scammer, but they need a payment from you before they can arrest him/her. If you receive an e-mail like this, it is definitely a scam. This scam shows the lengths that scammers will go to for money, even posing as police after they’ve been found out. One tell-tale sign of this type of scam is the e-mail address the scammer may be using. If you receive an e-mail from something like [email protected], it obviously isn’t the actual e-mail address of any police force in Ghana.


Money Order Cash Scams



This type of scam often sees the scammer taking time to develop a strong online relationship with the victim. After forming a strong bond over the course of a few weeks or even months, the scammer will eventually send you some money orders and request that you cash them and wire transfer the money back to him/her. The scammer will often claim to be from a Western country, but away on business (often in Nigeria or Ghana) and thus unable to cash the money orders him/herself. This scam often seems harmless, so victims often go along with the requests without worry. Yet, the money orders will often be forged or altered. For instance, a money order of $30 could be altered to $3,000. Sometimes the scammer will simply use a fake cheque. Sometime after you’ve wired the money back to your supposed love interest, the bank will detect the forged money order or fake cheque and the victim is left liable for the money, while the scammer disappears unscathed.


Business Investment Scams



This is another fairly common type of scam that also often involves the formation of a bond between the victim and scammer before it takes effect. After developing a trustworthy relationship, the scammer will present the victim with some kind of phony investment opportunity, some kind of get-rich-quick scheme often involving “secret shares.” Sometimes this scam resembles the infamous Nigerian 419 scam, in which a scammer has somehow miraculously come into a large sum of money that he/she is willing to share with you in exchange for some kind of cash investment. While there is perhaps no definite way of catching this scam, a foolproof rule to live by is to simply avoid sending money to anyone before you have met them in person.



We hope that you find this list helpful and that you are able to have a fun and safe time while making connections online. There’s never been a better time to find the love of your life online, and being wary of scammers will make your online dating experience even more enjoyable and risk-free. Looking for an easy fling online? Want to know if there’s an Easy Sex scam? Check out our review of and other dating sites to see which are legit.

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